High Fidelity; Take 3

If you love anything about music, part of you is familiar with the 2000 catastrophe that was High Fidelity starring John Cusack. As an actual Cusack fan and reader of the book by Nick Hornby, I was a little underwhelmed when first seeing the film way back when.

So when I heard Hulu was helping recreate a show version of the highly anticipated musical, movie, and book with the main character as a broken-hearted New Yorker Rob, played by the always lovely and nonchalant Zoe Kravitz and musical producer QUEST LOVE, I knew I had to tune in to this. I was overwhelmed by how attached I was to Simon, Rob, Charise and the always lovely boy in khakis, Clyde.  

The show itself is based in an ancient record store in Brooklyn set in our time of millennials, owned by a nostalgic hipster named Rob who cares a little too much about music, like most of us today. She describes to us her top 5 heartbreaks of all time while also dealing with her most recent heartbreak, Mac. We fall in love with Rob and her love of history and how important and precious records can be while also remembering the pain some music can hold. While the story is very overplayed, what I loved most was the soundtrack (duh). It starts out very bold with some Dreams by Fleetwood Mac and even some Frank Zappa in the first episode.  

For music enthusiasts or for people just looking for a new sound, I highly recommend this production of High Fidelity. Attached is the official playlist for the show with a variety of artists I highly respect. Enjoy! 

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