Finally, the night we’ve all been waiting for: the beginning of Love On Tour! It kicked off in Las Vegas, Nevada at the MGM Grand and his overjoyed fans came in kicking and screaming. My Tik Tok For You Page has officially been overrun with Harry content. I’ve seen lots of videos of fans getting ready and going all out in their outfits. Which makes me question how I can add to my own. Any true fan knows a Harry Styles concert is more than just the performance, there are many moving parts that make it whole. It’s his outfit, his introduction, and most importantly, the setlist.


The most iconic part of the pre-show hype is seeing Harry’s outfit on a clothing rack before and only imagining how it looks on him. Let’s be real, Harry never falls short. This pic sent fans into a frenzy, itching to see what he had in store for his first show.

His debut tour was filled with colorful suits, but it seems like he’s taking a different route of style for Love On. First of all, he went shirtless, with a shimmy vest, similar to his GRAMMY performance. He did stick to his signature bell-bottom pink pants. He took a different route with the shoes, changing up from his normal black Chelsea boots. The shoes are a nude color and a little taller on the ankle than what he normally goes for.

PHOTOS: Harry Styles Kicks Off 'Love On Tour' in Las Vegas


It’s obvious Harry Styles has creative ideas, and you can see it through his intro in his concert. There’s the imagery of two bunnies everywhere, and fans are speculating exactly what that means. Some say it’s for his mother, Anne, while others say that bunnies at the beginning of the month are good luck. But a majority are saying that it could relate to his new music that he promised to come. Harry starts his show with the instrumental of “Golden” playing to someone talking about his fashion sense. Between the talking, the “da da da da da” from “Golden” plays, while the bunnies pulse on the screen. Here’s a video of the full intro:



One thing fans are not too happy about is the setlist. Harry’s list last year was filled with new music, old music, and covers. He seems to limit himself this time around by only singing songs from his first two albums. “What Makes You Beautiful” was the only exception. Some of the favorite unreleased songs were taken out, like “Medicine”. A fan-favorite “To Be So Lonely” from Fine Line was cut as well. We’re hoping he continues to adjust his list as the tour progresses (I need to see “Medicine” live again).

Harry Styles has always been my favorite artist to see live. He takes control with a purpose and only talks to the crowd when he has something meaningful to say. He ended his show with a long speech about how difficult the pandemic was for him, and when he was at his lowest he would remind himself that nights like this were in the future. His fans pushed him through his hardest times, and you could tell he wasn’t just saying it for cheers. Here’s his speech that brought me to tears:


With my Tik Tok being filled with videos from the show, I felt like I was in the audience myself. Now I’m playing Fine Line on repeat to mentally prepare myself. I can’t wait for my show in a few months and I will update you guys on my own experience! Here’s a list of the full tour to see if he’s coming to a city near you.

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