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King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard have just announced two 2020 American tour dates which will consist of 3 hours of music from the Australian natives. They will be playing songs from all 15 of their albums. Before you ask who and what, be quiet for just a second and let me give you some history on King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizzard’s peculiar standings in the music world. 

Birthed back in the year 2010 in parts of the state of Victoria. This band of kooks started out as just some friends jamming together when one day they were asked if they would ever perform and so they did. Their first few albums and EPs were the very best kind of garage and surf rock but you knew they had much more to give. It wasn’t until 2017 when they really made their mark on the world. Stu Mackenzie, lead singer, leader of the pack and a man determined to learn a different instrument every year for the rest of his life lightly mentioned they were to put out 5 albums in 2017. So they did and each one of them is a totally different trip. There is no way other to describe them until you listen and experience the spontaneity and golden sounds these guys have to offer. They have this one album released only on vinyl and parts of Youtube called, Eyes like the sky, that is inspired by Western films and Red Dead Redemption if that peaks your interest even more. It is narrated by Broderick Smith, an Australian blues artist who paints the picture of a dog eat dog world in the Wild Wild West United States. 

My personal favorite right now is Fishing for Fishie’s, their blues-rock album that was released into the in April of this year. You can stream to it on Spotify and Apple Music.

Another reason to join the Gizzhead’s, it’s what we are called in honor of our Deadhead fathers, is the art Jason Galea creates for them. He has been a huge played an influential part in most all their music videos and creates a unique poster for each show for fans and lovers to enjoy and purchase. You can find examples of his flyers on his Instagram and his Facebook

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Red ROcks & Greek Theatre 2020

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His most recent poster is for the announcement of their American shows at Berkley and Red Rocks this upcoming year. Tickets go on sale this Friday, November 14th so be sure to snag yours here.  

You can check out the band on their FacebookInstagramSouncloudTwitterWebsite

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