Gasparilla Music Festival Artist Spotlight: The Hails

After catching their show stopping performance at Gasparilla Music Festival, I had to get to know more about The Hails. I chatted with Robbie, lead singer of the funky Florida band about everything from their upcoming single to the future of this little band that could.

 Nick de Almenara: So where do you all Hail from? (See what I did there)

Robbie: “So the band is from Gainesville that’s where we all met, everybody from me is from Miami but I’m from Tampa. We all met at school at UF.”

ND: How old are you guys?

R: “I’m 23, two of the guys are 21 and one is 24.”

ND: Who are some of the band’s influences?

R: “We all have different influences, I was raised on indie and garage bands, but I’d say our influences are Frank Ocean, Radiohead, the Beatles, John Mayer.”

ND: I love your song ‘Younger”, what’s your favorite song The Hails have made?

R: “‘Sugar’, it actually hasn’t come out, probably coming out in summer but that’s my favorite so far. ‘Stay’ is probably my favorite to perform.”

ND: Do you do all of the writing?

R: “No, so the main three are me Franco and Dylan but it’s all collaborative, if it was just one of us we wouldn’t be a band.”

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ND: I got to catch your set at Gasparilla Music Fest, what a great show. Was that your first time playing in Tampa?

R: “No this is our third, the other two were at the Orpheum, my parents have really wanted us to play here and they were at the show so it was cool.”

ND: The new song ‘Sugar’, how did you guys made that record?

R: “That’s a Dylan song. He wrote the whole thing, it was a really cut and dry process. We actually just recorded it in Miami.”

ND: You had the EP in 2017, a few new singles last year, what’s planned for 2019?

R: New song in April, then another hopefully in 2 months. No albums yet, still feeling it out. It’s nice just seeing growth.”

You can find The Hails on Instagram @the_hails

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