Five Sets to Seek at Sunset Music Festival

Tampa Bay’s annual must-go Memorial Day party is right around the corner, the 7th annual Sunset Music Festival. The Bay’s largest and longest running festival returns to Raymond James Stadium May 25th & 26th. Mic Drop Music is a huge supporter of Sunset Music Festival, attending as both press and fans in years prior. We are so excited to head back this year. As our excitement grows we have complied our top five can’t miss acts at this year’s installment.



The Australian based DJ is signed with Dirtybird, which means he will be bringing all the house music. It will be an all-out dance party and no one will be partying harder than Fisher himself. He loves to dance with the crowd and with a killer 6:00- 7:30 set time, you’re going to want to grab a front row seat.



If you aren’t into heavy bass, trap, and aggression, this set might not be for you. Nothing but high energy, screaming, and hand banging galore, a real ragers type situation if you will. He is definitely an up and coming artist to watch, having worked with EDM legends like Bassnectar already. He won’t hold back, come prepared to break your neck.


Dog Blood

At first glance this name might not ring a bell, but Dog Blood is actually a made up of Skrillex and Boys Noize. These two have been on the electronic scene for a long time and don’t do too many shows together. They’ll be playing more of a tech house set, you will not want to miss a second of this.



What would it sound like if robots and aliens made music together, Subtronics looks to find that answer. A DJ who holds no punches with heavy riddim and chop after chop. You’ll be moving faster than you need to, begging for a moment of relaxation but if you want to relax head to the back.


Blunts & Blondes

A hometown favorite as he is a Tampa native born and raised, coming from free shows at the Ritz to the biggest festival in town, we couldn’t be prouder. With the opportunity to show out on his own turf, get ready for a big homecoming party with heavy dub and hopefully a huge crowd for our local talent!



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