Five New Songs Your College Band Should Play This Football Season

Let’s face it, the college marching band is to football like the organ is to baseball. The noise and pageantry of the band adds to excitement and atmosphere of the game, and it wouldn’t be the same without it. 

While I like nothing more than hearing our fighting song parping out across the ground, I sometimes with that they’d change it up a bit you know? We’ve got all this space and time to work with – let’s do something spectacular!

In honor of the beginning of the 2019/20 College Football season, here are 5 songs your college band should play this football season. (Is this also a cheap and easy way to talk about brass band covers of popular songs – you’d better believe it is!)

1. Get Lucky by Daft Punk (Covered by The Bervis Brass Band).

This song would be perfect for psyching out opponents – the only way they’re going to win in our house is by getting lucky. Or it could be used at halftime after an opposition player makes a big mistake, or the field umpire has made a bad call. (I’m not unsportsmanlike conduct – YOU’RE unsportsmanlike conduct)

Also good for: If your team has been on a great streak lately, or doesn’t win much and is up at half time.

2. Africa by Toto (Hackney Colliery Band).

If your college says they bring the biggest party – prove it. Playing this track before the game would bring the party atmosphere, or certainly lift the attitude at half time. Hell, play it at a game against your biggest rivals, and watch as the whole stadium starts to sing a long – such is the power of Africa by Toto.

Also good for: Praying for the game to be a washout if your team is getting thrashed.

3. Toxic by Britney Spears (Riot Jazz Brass Band)

For schools with an excellent drama department, how could you go wrong with some classic Britney Spears? Seduce your opponents into complacency, before slamming them with your strong defensive line and intelligent attacking runs.

Also good for: Schools in and around Flint Michigan or Colleges with a good looking bandleader – (don’t get caught in his eyes!).

4. Seven Nation Army by the White Stripes (Dr Brass)

Every school stadium managers worst nightmare. The first response to Seven Nation Army is to tap your foot along to the beat – with thousands of fans doing it, it may cause damage to the stadium. But hey, if they won’t upgrade the facilities, why not force their hand?

Also good for: Schools with bad sod on the ground – the band’s stomping can make the turf nice and ready for play.

5. Pacific 202 by 808 State (Williams Fairey Brass Band).

Spread confusion and bewilderment to your opponents and own team alike by covering this classic 90s acid house banger. Particularly useful if you’re a West Coast team not far from the beach, this track will get your line backers making smooth runs.

Also good for: Colleges who are that little bit hipster or pretentious (oh you haven’t heard of 808 State? You mustn’t be a big house fan then)

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