Laundry Day released their fourth studio album after not releasing any songs for the past two years. The band is made up of Sawyer Nunes, Jude Ciulla, Henry Pearl (HP), Henry Weingartner, and Etai Abramovich. They rose to fame before they even graduated high school in 2019. They opened for Clairo on her Immunity Tour as well as a few shows for The 1975. The band was on the up and up until the pandemic hit.

The band opened up about their struggle to make new music over the past two years. They rented a house in upstate New York to create their new album, We Switched Bodies, but nothing seemed to come together immediately. The boys continued to write the bulk of their album in the city, going back to their roots and prioritizing this sound on their album. In an interview with MUD, Etai said that the album may as well be “self-titled” because of their going back to their hometown of Brooklyn for inspiration. 

They didn’t really have a specific direction for this album, but they seemed to discover it along the way. It encapsulates the journey of their lives over the past year in making the album. In their live interview with Rolling Stone, they said “We Switched Bodies” really encapsulates their whole vibe for the album. After they wrote the song, they knew it’d be the title of the album. 

LAUNDRY DAY Drop Debut Album We Switched Bodies

Their inspiration? Each other. HP and Sawyer both say that each person in the band pushes each other differently. This specific album is a combination of all their individual tastes all put together without overdoing it, according to Henry. 

We Switched Bodies encompasses every single sound from Laundry Day – from slow songs to dipping into quick beats of rock and roll. The contradicting beats and lyrics seem to be their specialty. Their first single, “Connect 5”, is about losing confidence and struggling to find it, but the beat would tell you this track is a feel-good song.

My favorite song on the album by far is “Blübe”. It’s a groovy upbeat track about temptation, according to Sawyer. This song is on repeat for me – it makes me feel like I am THE main character.

I just joined the Laundry Day kick and I highly suggest you join me and start by listening to We Switched Bodies and their old work as well!

LAUNDRY DAY - We Switched Bodies review | DIY Magazine

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