Fans Fearlessly Embrace Taylor Swift’s Newest Drop

This is not a drill- I repeat not a drill! Taylor Swift finally dropped her highly anticipated album, Fearless (Taylor’s Version). If the album title sounds a little familiar to you, it should. Taylor originally released Fearless back in 2008, which was celebrated as a whopping success both critically and commercially. It won Album of the Year at the Grammys, sold 12 million copies worldwide, and launched a 105 stop tour. Since this work of art was so successful and created only slightly over a decade ago, some may be left wondering…

Why re-release now?

Taylor announced during an award show that she was not able to make it due to her being in the studio, re-recording her old songs and fans went crazy. There was speculation that she had been re-recording her songs in the spirit of nostalgia during quarantine. Lots of celebrities took advantage of quarantine to bring back memories. From the Big Time Rush reunion to the original High School Musical cast interacting together over Tik Tok, quarantine was the perfect time to bring things back.

Even though that’s not really the reason, it was probably an added bonus. Quarantine gave her time to tackle this project. 

Taylor tweeted back in February, announcing she would be re-recording her first six albums. Swift signed with Big Machine Records in 2005 and the contract ended in 2018. Between this time, Big Machine Records owned all of her original recordings. After 2018, she signed a new contract with a different label to have her work under her ownership. 

This is normal for a record label to own the recordings of their clients’ songs. The problem lies within management.

The record label Big Machine Records sold to Ithaca Holdings, owned by a popular music manager Scooter Braun. And with this Braun sold Swift’s old recording to Shamrock Holdings to make millions of dollars off of it, while Taylor makes none. She brought this deal to the public and promises to re-record all six albums so people will listen to hers instead of Braun’s. 

The only difference in her new works is her voice, a few features, and songs that have never been released. Prior to the release of Fearless (Taylor’s Version), she released the fan-favorite single “Love Story (Taylor’s Version)”. It went #1 on Billboard’s Country Digital Sales – so fans are clearly loving this. Here are some of their reactions: 

Here is Taylor’s re-released version of Fearless:

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