Experience III Points After Dark

Electronic music masterminds, galore.

While III Points Music Festival is an experience in itself, you are not going to want to miss the galore of this heavy all night lineup.

This lineup is… dare I say… pure gold? It encompasses every sub genre on the house and techno spectrum. What III Points does so well is that it easily gives festival goers the opportunity to discover new music. There are hard-hitting popular DJ’s on this lineup, sprinkled with some underground and unheard but intriguing acts alike.

Don’t know where to start? Check out this graph that III Points made to point you in the right direction… Get it?

Listen to some of my favorite tracks from some of these house and techno artists:

Dark and Sultry
Let’s Boogie
Post Game

III Points also created an incredible playlist showcasing music from all of the artists on the lineup. Check it out here.

To purchase III Points tickets, click here.  Single day tickets and VIP are still available!

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