Everything You Need To Know About LIB 2023

After a long, cold, rainy winter in SoCal, it’s safe to say we are ready to come out of hibernation and dance into spring! With so many different events these days, (not to mention the looming recession), most people really have to pick and choose when it comes to festivals. The SoCal festival market this time of year is particularly competitive as smaller brands have to compete with the goliath that is of course, Coachella.

However, it seems as time goes on, interest in Coachella is dropping. We are two weeks out from the event and Weekend 2 has STILL not sold out. So, if not Coachella, where are music fans choosing to go? Just about everyone I know in the SoCal music scene is prioritizing a trip to Lightning in a Bottle this year instead. If you’ve been living under a rock for nearly 20 years and haven’t heard of this event, no worries- that’s what I’m here for! Let’s dive into why LIB has become an annual tradition for so many music lovers.


Lightning in a Bottle was born back in 2004, by the curators who now refer to themselves as the DoLab. The location has shopped around throughout the years; starting originally in the Angeles National Forrest, then slightly north to Santa Barbara, however as of recent years the festival has called Buena Vista Lake, CA home. The lake is just outside of Bakersfield, and to me serves as a perfectly central location for music lovers all over the state.

As far as accommodation goes, it’s all about the camping! In my opinion, camping festivals are superior and give festivalgoers an overall more memorable experience. Are you going to be sweaty? Yes. Will you desperately need a shower and crave a proper mattress like never before? Also, yes. However, the campsite environment provides next level camaraderie and makes the weekend so much more immersive. I really do feel like when you are so disconnected from the stressors of real life, like traffic, logistics, and splitting hotel bills, you can fully relax and enjoy the music.


This year’s festival is right around the corner, May 24th-29th, 2023. While most festivals are usually 2-3 days max, LIB is unique in that the event lasts for almost an entire week! So, I know what you’re thinking.. how can a festival possibly program itself to last that long? Which leads me to my next point!


Alright, the moment you’ve all been waiting for, let’s talk line ups. As I mentioned, since this festival is much longer than usual, that requires some additional programming. LIB is unique in the fact that not only does it have a music line up, it also has a Learning and Culture line up. I love this so much!

After so many days of listening to heavy bass music and sleeping in a tent, you may need a moment to unwind. While most camping festivals usually offer a yoga class or meditation of sorts, I have never seen an event offer their guests a chance to LEARN! Seriously… what a concept.

This year you can attend various talks on a widespread range of topics hosted by credible people in their respective fields. I love the idea of connecting with like-minded people on higher learning while at a festival. Of course, most people come to dance, party, let loose but I love that there is this as an option.

Truly this is a lineup that speaks for itself, and reason enough for most people to cop a ticket. The lineup is of course EDM heavy but provides tons of variety within the genre. On a personal note, it is a bittersweet feeling to see Sofi Tukker headlining. When I started Mic Drop over five years ago, they were one of my first interviews to help launch the site. We have both come such a long way since 2018 and I can’t wait to watch them shine.

Other acts I’m personally looking forward to include; LP Giobbi, Purple Disco Machine, and Diplo. I know, I know… Diplo is like a guilty pleasure at this point, but you know that set will be fun.


Tickets are on sale via their website now! I would get them while they’re hot because with a line up like this, I know they won’t last long. As someone who has primarily hit Coachella in the springtime, I am excited to switch things up this year and see what LIB has to offer. This will be my first time attending but based off testimonials from my friends, I know I have a ton to look forward to. Will I be seeing you there?

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