The Dream Duo: Labrinth and Zendaya

As I write this article, I’m still only on Episode 5 of Season 2 of the series Euphoria. The show has been a complete hit with its recent release of Season 2, and the music is no exception. I honestly can’t stop pausing the show to go listen to the soundtrack since it has everything from soul to hyper-pop. What I’ve been loving the most is the collaboration between Labrinth and Zendaya.

Season 1 of Euphoria couldn’t have ended more powerfully than it did with this song. The vocals of Zendaya and Labrinth together, Labrinth’s writing of the song, Zendaya’s dancing, the chorus: it was all incredible. As a whole, it makes me feel the pain of relapsing with Rue.

With the recent release of Season 2, we were blessed with another collaboration of these two. This time, we truly got a painfully beautiful piece of art. To me, it feels like I’m slowly losing hope with Rue. It’s tragic beyond words.

What do you think of these two and their collaboration? Are you hoping for more from these two together in Season 3?

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