Does the name Hayden Silas Anhedönia ring any bells? Perhaps you know her better by her artist’s name, Ethel Cain. She not only found her name, but her sound and it has been celebrated by millions. Her debut album, Preacher’s Daughter, details her escape from her religious upbringing and her failed romance. When you listen to the album, it draws you in to her spiral of dark themes such as kidnapping, drug addiction, and Cain’s murder at the hands of her lover.

My review:

Raised in the deep south as a churchgoer, Cain combines rock, country, and cinematic nostalgia with her raw vocals to create a unique sound that defines her. Serving both as a producer and songwriter, she allows herself to immerse in the haunting visual content she has amassed for her growing loyal fans, who she calls Daughters of Cain.

The singles from the album “Strangers and “American Teenager serve as a great intro to what is in store for the album. I would say this is a cinematic work of art to Cain’s mindset of her life. The album is like a movie, but not just that, it’s beautifully poetic.

The album covers complicated themes like the demise of her relationship, a tough upbringing, loss, and religion. These challenging pieces somehow all fit together to make what I consider a masterpiece. Songs like “Family Tree” hit with heart-wrenching lyrics, such as

“These crosses all over my body remind me of who I used to be, let Christ forgive these sins I’m hiding and the bones I’m about to leave”

What Ethel brings to the table is a dark atmosphere obtained from her voice forces and the instruments she uses in the album. She is truly an upcoming pop star.

Why Should you listen to Ethel?

She may say that she isn’t; however, I think Ethel is a brilliant vocalist who puts everything into the album. Her deep husky voice kicks a light vibrato that shows herself proving to achieve light out of the darkness. When I listened to the album, it made me feel as if I was driving in south Florida on the freeway, free from the shackles of what was holding me back. Also, to reflect on the dark themes that uplift you to become what you were meant to do. I learned so much about her as an artist and what her craft means to her. This, I would say, is her most vulnerable piece of work. Also, Cain is listed in Obama’s 2022 favorite music of the year.

I am looking forward to what 2023 will bring to her.

Preacher’s Daughter” is available on all streaming platforms. Check out my favorite song on the album, “Gibson Girl”.  Ethel Cain is about to become mainstream in all the good ways!

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