Emo’s Unite, Emo Nite Is Back

Former and current emo’s and punk’s unite! I have some exciting news for you… Emo Nite is back. If you are like me, you’ve been longing for a chance to revert back to your roots and scream the words to ‘1989’ while in an all-black outfit. The time is now. After over a year of waiting patiently, vaccines have rolled out and cases have dropped. It’s finally time for the most exciting night of the year to return.

For those who don’t know, Emo Nite is a national touring team that takes over clubs all over the United States and hosts big emo celebrations. It’s your usual club night, but featuring all the best emo music, about half the clothing section of Hot Topic, and even surprise appearances from all your favorite emo bands. Surprise guest examples include Post Malone and Sleeping with Sirens.

With Emo Nite’s comeback came the need to outdo anything they have ever done before. With a massive national tour, a booming new restaurant, and guest appearances it’s hard to imagine they could do more – but they did.

Then Emo Nite has announced an Emo Nite Vegas Vacation, which is an adventure packed weekend later this year. The setlist includes Avril Lavigne, Sleeping with Sirens, The Maine, and so many more incredible artists.

Between this festival and the coast to coast tour taking over clubs through America, Emo Nite has blown us all away. I personally will be making sure to go to the Orlando show, and I suggest all you former emos buy tickets to one of these nights as well. 


Click the link above to buy your tickets!

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