Elrow’s Rowlympic Games Takes The Gold in NYC

This past Saturday, Elrow produced another one of their extravagant events in the heart of NYC’s hip and trendy Williamsburg neighborhood in Brooklyn. The venue, The Brooklyn Mirage, a completely open-air and tropical ambiance concept in which attendees feel as if they’re clubbing in Ibiza (minus the beach of course). Elrow could not have picked a more perfect venue to fit the electrifying summer vibes this massive alfresco Elrow party brought about in the city that never sleeps.

This time around, the NYC Elrow party theme was titled ‘Rowlympic Games’, all decor and stage production design mirrored the Olympics’s most recognized symbols and emblems. Like in any Olympic event, flames ignited from the stage’s surrounding atmosphere and what sounded like firework eruptions, that burst all night long. Gold, silver, and bronze necklace beads were being thrown around the crowd to mimic real medals being placed around winners’ heads. Hula hoops and giant ring-shaped floaties circled throughout as well. Some attendees even went all out on their costume and outfit choices, wearing full on sport wear, swim suits and trunks, gymnastic leotards, even togas to represent the theme’s historic ancient Greek roots. It all felt like an Olympic dream, where every attendee took home gold.

When it comes to the vibe, the energy in the air in itself was absolutely mesmerizing. Everyone I came across seemed to genuinely be having the time of their life. All night long, the liveliness emerging from both music lovers and party goers alike synced harmoniously with the uplifting live beats playing in the background. As I explored throughout the entire venue, I encountered nothing but authentic smiles and free spirits living life to the fullest and simply dancing the night away. I came across individuals who had never even attended a music festival or electronic music event before and they were absolutely loving every second of their experience at Elrow.  That in itself says a lot about how incredible the level of production exploits at every single Elrow event.

Musically speaking, every artist on the lineup absolutely crushed their entire set. For just over a ground-breaking 10 hours, some of the most recognized producers in the techno and house world played continuous back to back sets and had the crowd going absolutely bananas. From the moment the event commenced roughly at 6:30 PM, those soul-stirring techno sounds bursting throughout the venue’s speakers had a small crowd moving effortlessly to opening acts Les Carbonell and Kika. As time went on, sounds from The Golden Pony duo and a b2b set from Denney and Jesse Perez took over, and the overall sensation in the air just continued to ignite even more!

The crowd’s energy transpired beautifully from daylight to night, as we all witnessed the sun go down and the super moon rise up to illuminate the Brooklyn sky as we danced the night away. Once dusk officially ascended, the venue kept filling up more and more until its entirety was absolutely packed right before Will Clarke and Sante were set to play a thrilling b2b set as well.  The night capped off with techno all-stars Eats Everything and Patrick Topping, who were only supposed to play a one and a half hour set. However, they continued blasting their magnetic tunes until roughly five in the morning! It was a night full of some of the most stimulating music Brooklyn has ever seen.

If you’ve never had the opportunity to experience an Elrow event before, I highly recommend purchasing a ticket to the next party that comes to a city near you. I promise you, you won’t regret a thing. Whether you’re a music festival enthusiast, or simply just want to experience a one-of-a-kind exhilarating cirque du soleil meets underground rave experience, Elrow will be sure to leave you absolutely mind blown. It sure blew mine. Thanks to our friends at aLive Coverage for the amazing photos from the event below. They truly capture the feeling of this insane experience. Elrow, thank you for putting together one of the most extravagant events I have ever been a part of, I can’t wait until the next Elrow experience!

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