Elrow’Art Transformed Brooklyn’s Avant Gardner Into a Kaos Garden

All year long, elrow has delivered some of the most top-notch live music events we’ve ever been a part of. Constantly curating uniquely themed parties around the globe, we’ve watched the elrow name exponentially evolve throughout the years. This year, our favorite dance party brand exposed its new elrow’Art concept, and introduced the scene to an unfamiliar world in which music and art unite.

We can thank integrative street artist Okuda San Miguel, the Desigual fashion brand, and music producer Paco Osuna for joining the elrow creatives to form such an alluring concept. Together, they’ve brought a sense of artistic enlightenment to the electronic music world, bringing human fashion and art installations to life. Following it’s phenomenal debut at Art Basel in Miami, elrow’art transformed Brooklyn’s Avant Garner into a phenomenal Kaos Garden this past weekend.

Kaos Garden is the first of many elrow’Art immersive experiences to come, and its sold-out New York debut was absolutely breathtaking to say the least. The 10-hour event opened its doors at 7 pm and ran all the way through Paco Osuna’s final track a bit past 5 am! While elrow has thrown some pretty indulgent soirees during its three year New York residency, this one-of-a-kind Kaos Garden installment easily takes the gold.

For the first time ever, the Kaos Garden extravaganza took over all three Avant Gardner rooms, completely housing the Great Hall, The Lost Circus, and the more intimate King’s Hall with Okuda’s iconic designs all throughout. Full of multicolored patterns and multi sensory overload, every little detail of the Kaos Garden decor screamed Okuda and Desigual. Everything was hand painted and handcrafted by the artists, even down to the highly-anticipated elrow confetti known to blast numerous times throughout each elrow-exclusive event. Along with Okuda’s artistic vision, Paco Osuna’s stunning lineup featuring his own closing act, elrow residents Eats Everything and De La Swing, Andrea Olivia, Jacky, Latmun, Lee Foss, and many others both gave New York City something surreal to remember.

“Elrow’Art in NY made us cross many boundaries, it finally proves our brand can excel at the intersection between entertainment, art, and party time. The show was a blast. “

-Juan Arnau Jr. (elrow Co-Founder/CEO

photo credit: Eric Cunningham


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