Elrow Open-Air Presents: ‘Rowlympic Games’ to Kick Off in Brooklyn

Elrow, one of the craziest and most extravagant party brands to exist, will be bringing its wild flames to the open-air Brooklyn Mirage in New York City, this upcoming Saturday July 28th. The 10-hour rowdy alfresco fiesta will present a Cirque Du Soleil meets Ibiza grand nightclub event from daylight to dusk. Prepare to be fully immersed into a barbaric world unlike any other, featuring some of the hottest names in the tech-house music world.

The extremely eye-appealing production at Elrow events have helped it become arguably the world’s most popular clubbing brand. The whole concept of Elrow actually derived from a Spanish family whose prominent roots in the entertainment world date back to the late 1800s. Over the last decade or so, the recognized Salierra siblings have successfully expanded the brand internationally. They have left a positive mark on music and entertainment admirers throughout the world’s most inspiring cities. What started simply as a weekly party in Barcelona, Spain is now a complete global enterprise. I can’t wait to experience the magic behind it all in the city that never sleeps.

Every single Elrow event ensures grand emphasis on the overall production and even the most minor details that go into the decoration of each curated party. The love in the details is what makes these events the most exotic clubbing experiences in the world.  Each production varies in theme, depending on the city or country it’s taking place in, or what current events are taking place around that particular time. Over the past couple of months, Elrow has exposed it all. From “Sambowdromo Do Brasil” at Ushuaïa Ibiza to “Psychedelic Trip” in Barcelona, to now the “Rowlympic Games” here in New York City, the party must go on! Behind each creative theme exploits the actual show aspect of every production, which is the primary point of interest for attendees. After all, confetti and inflatables are the cornerstones of any Elrow party, as are the dozens of professionally trained actors, stilt walkers, and dancers who continually interact with attendees to induce that carnival-style atmosphere Elrow longs for. Did I mention tons of confetti?!

With Elrow parties appealing to those who simply enjoy partying from daylight to dusk in an open-air setting and being in a lively and colorful atmosphere, it only makes sense that the music exploding in the background of it all is top-notch. Because Elrow’s roots derive from Spain – a country in which lives and breathes electronic dance music – all Elrow parties consist of some of the most extraordinary techno and house DJ’s to date. New York City’s Rowlympic Games is set to feature massive sounds from artists like Eats Everything, Patrick Topping
Technasia, Marc Maya, Will Clarke, Santé, Denney, Jesse Perez, The Golden Pony, Les Carbonell, and Kika. We can already picture it all merging so beautifully together.

This upcoming Saturday, get ready to embark on an electronic immersive journey in New York City’s most unique open-air venue. As Elrow will ensure nothing but ten hours full of nonstop illusive visuals and indulging tech-house sounds from some of the most prestigious international dance music producers. Think underground rave meets whimsical carnival. I am completely sold, and can’t wait to indulge in the magic behind it all. Elrow NYC, I’m coming for you!

Check out Elrow’s most recent and upcoming events Facebook video:

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