Elrow Delivers Another Spectacular House Music Soiree in NYC With Psychrowdelic Trip

For the first time since summer of 2019, Elrow finally made its grand post-lockdown comeback. Where better to return than the heart of New York City, know for the poppin’ electronic music scene. Fans flocked from all over the boroughs to take the Psychrowdelic Trip.

They say three time’s a charm, and that motto is definitely true for Elrow. Celebrating their third summertime installment at the pristine Brooklyn Mirage, the premiere open-air venue. After attending all previous 12-hour Elrow outdoor soirees, I’ve become a die-hard Elrow groupie to say the least. It has been so rewarding to watch this remarkable event expand significantly throughout the years.

Now while every Elrow party is always one to remember, I was absolutely shook to the core when I entered through those Brooklyn Mirage doors for Psychrowdelic Trip. I don’t know if it’s because it was the first al fresco mini festival at since before lockdown, or if it was just the genuine energy in the air.

So many wondrous house music loving attendees were present, bringing absolutely immaculate vibes all night long. Don’t even get me started with all the mesmerizing production details sprinkled all over the venue. From the impeccable stage and lighting production design at both the Mirage and King’s Hall to all the hypnotizing, 1960’s inspired decor everywhere, the entire night truly felt like a trip.

Just a few hours before the open-air festival doors opened, Elrow announced that special guests Paco Osuna and a few other international artists would not be able to make it to party due to Visa issues. While many were bummed, the curators behind it all had no choice but to move forward with a positive attitude. They welcomed the esteemed LP Giobbi and CID to the already striking lineup. And let me tell you, they both threw the house down with their performances.

Josh Butler and and Bontan left me absolutely speechless with that back to back set as the night continued on. While I didn’t want to leave the breezy air underneath the starlight sky, I had to go check out the Desert Hearts ensemble that was taking place at the enclosed King’s Hall as well. Let’s just say Mikey Lions might just be one of my new favorite artists after experiencing that breathtaking set. Man, do those Desert Hearts pioneers know how to keep a crowd going!

After getting lost in the thick of it with all the Desert Hearts fans, I made my way back to the outdoor portion of this magical Psychrowdelic Trip to vibe out to Dombresky, Will Clarke, and Dennis Ferrer’s electrifying sounds to close out the night. Somehow, 1 am turned into 4 am in the blink of an eye, and that in itself just explains how lost in the music I got. Yes, it was that remarkable. As one of the most memorable, mind-bending house music fiestas I’ve ever been a part of, this summer’s Psychrowdelic Trip is simply unmatched. Thank you Elrow, for having us take part in your one-of-a-kind live music productions once again. I can’t wait until the next one!

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