Electric Zoo Exclusive Interview: MIME

While on site at Electric Zoo: Evolved, we got the chance to interact with the most iconic names in the game. MIME, an ambiguous yet intriguing talent on this year’s roster, sat down with us to discuss his first festival performance, music career aspirations, future projects, and more. The NYC-born masked producer made his EZOO debut right at home just last week, and it was as remarkable for him as it was for us to witness live.

An undeniable talent, MIME has quickly risen within the dance music world. He is recognized by prominent artists like Hardwell, Dillon Francis, and Laidback Luke and has played at shows throughout the country with Loud Luxury, Marshmello, Benny Benassi, and Tchami. In just one year, MIME has surely made a name for himself and is expanding his horizons whilst exploiting some pretty unique house sounds to his followers. Every artist has a story, and we’re thrilled to be sharing MIME’s with our readers. He may be quite silent but his sound sure speaks volumes.

“If you’re truly passionate about creating music, or passionate about anything in general, you can reach your goals no matter where in the world you reside” – MIME

MIC DROP: What inspired you to begin to create music in the first place? What led you to become interested in house music particularly?

MIME: Hip-hop was always my number one, it’s such a huge part of who I am and it’s heavily engulfed in the New York City culture. Music has always been so special to me, and I began to mess around with making my own sounds at home, mixing, etc. A few years back, I started to really get into house music since the club scene here in the city exposed it so much. I knew it was a sound I could easily produce and tweak a bit on my own, so I decided to go for it.

MIC DROP: Do you have any advice or tips for anyone hoping to pursue a career in music, steps on how to get started, people to reach out to, etc.?

MIME: It’s all about your drive and your work ethic. If you want something, chase it. You have to make sure that you’re doing every step along the way to make it to where you want to be. Focus on experimenting with sounds first, finalizing what you want your particular sound to be, and then practicing/mixing as much as you can. Definitely reach out to different labels and any connects that you have because it won’t hurt. The worst that can happen is that someone will deny your work but the right people will love it and take you in.

MIC DROP: Would you say that being from New York City has helped you get to where you are any faster than if you lived anywhere else?

MIME: To be honest, I wouldn’t say that living here my whole life has helped me get to where I am at all. What got me here was my drive and following my passions. I’ve worked extremely hard over the years producing my music and that’s what got me here. If you’re truly passionate about creating music, or passionate about anything in general, you can reach your goals no matter where in the world you reside. It’s all about work ethic and genuine motivation to chase your dreams.

MIC DROP: How would you describe your signature sound in just one word?

MIME: Hmmmm that’s a tough one, I would say it’s definitely eclectic and nightclub friendly! It’s hard for people not to whip out their best dance moves when hearing my music either at home on Soundcloud or at while partying at the club haha!

MIC DROP: What’s the story behind your MIME persona and always wearing the white mask while performing?

MIME: I would say that there have always been two sides to my personality and who I really am. One is introverted and shy while the other is outgoing and funny. My producer side is the quiet one while my performer/DJ side is the extroverted and crazier one. The whole MIME concept portrays these two sides of me perfectly, so I decided it was fitting to showcase myself as an artist in this way.

MIC DROP: Who have been your favorite artists to collaborate with or perform with so far?

MIME: That time I played at Output here in Brooklyn with Tchami was one of the most memorable nights of my life. He’s such a big inspiration to me and it was awesome closing out the night for him at one of my favorite clubs. Loud Luxury was also great to work with when I played with them at Avant Gardner earlier this year. They’re just so fun to be around and their positive energy was infectious.

MIC DROP: Are there any upcoming collaborations or soon to be released projects that you’d like to share with us?

MIME: There’s a new track I’ve been dying to share with you all but I know it’ll be worth the wait. Let’s just say you should expect a new release very soon 😉

MIC DROP: Being that you’re from New York City, since when have you been attending Electric Zoo Festival?

MIME: I’ve been coming over the past few years now, it’s really the only big electronic dance music festival here in the city and ever since I became passionate about house music it’s been rewarding to come vibe out when I’ve had the chance.

MIC DROP: How does it feel to finally play at a festival that’s been dominant in your own hometown for so long now?

MIME: It’s still surreal to me that I was able to perform at the house-heavy ALL MY FRIENDS stage right here at home! I’m still buzzing from it. I definitely felt a weird mixture of feelings, but I was mostly excited more than anything.

MIC DROP: You pretty much set the tone for the AMF stage since you were the first to play once the festival doors opened. What did you think of the overall energy in the crowd being that it was still so early?

MIME: The Electric Zoo crowd doesn’t mess around, everyone tries to get here as early as possible to fully enjoy the festival. Even though it was only 3 PM on a Friday, there was a decent amount of people watching me perform and I could feel the energy from a distance. I couldn’t be happier honestly.








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