EDM Playlist to Get You Hyped For Summer

As a third year in the spring quarter, I can’t wait to leave school. The feelings of burnout are rising, and the urge to spend all day tanning on the beach is hard to ignore. To keep myself motivated, I created a hype playlist to allow me to have fun while doing my work. Have you ever felt low on energy and needed something to boost your mood? Fear not, I am here to share my playlist with you! I picked some of my favorite electronic dance music (EDM) hits to give you that extra pep in your step.

“Love Again” by Alok feat. Alida

I first heard this song on a live stream and immediately had to save it after how catchy it was. The beat is addictive, especially in the chorus with the added bass. The melody is relatively simple and repetitive, but that can make it stuck in your head for hours. The artist, Alok, is a Brazilian DJ who was ranked fourth best DJ in the world by DJ Mag. You can tell why after listening to this song. It started playing while I was on a cruise, and I had to dance along. It is perfect for shuffling music or a headbanger before a long day.

“Ignite” by Alan Walker & K-391 feat. Julie Bergan & Seungri

This song is not to be confused with Zedd’s song of the same name. Alan Walker made a name for himself after “Faded,” but I chose this song because of the positive message in its lyrics. This song is more chill in the verses and the bridge than the previous one, but it works. The contrast between the verse and the chorus makes it more powerful when listening. An interesting fact about this song is that it’s free to use for everyone on YouTube. No more copyright claims on videos!

“Calabria” by DMNDS (feat. Fallen Roses, Lujavo & Lunis)

“Calabria” focuses more on its beat and instrumentals instead of vocals. Anyone would recognize the horn melody from the beginning because of the original song’s popularity. However, this remix brings more spice and is more upbeat. Many say the original is better with most songs, but this one holds its own. DJ and Producer duo DMNDS have many remixes under their belt, and it shows. This song has a short runtime of 2:11 and ends with someone whistling and saying, “That’s it!”

“Resist Your Love” by Offrami feat. Mougleta

I love the melody of this song and the vocal effects they use. The singer, Mougleta, is seductive with her line delivery of, “I know your type, I know just what you like.” The lyrics make the song enticing, while the beat remains pretty laid-back. The build to the chorus is compelling and makes the song that much better. The music producer, Offrami, is from Lebanon and started on SoundCloud. SoundCloud musicians tend to get a bad reputation, but he proved the stereotype wrong. I imagine dancing to this song in a club and making brief eye contact with a guy, tempting him to “resist my love.”

“Breaking Me” by Topic feat. A7S

I had to include at least one melancholy song in this playlist. “Breaking Me” has the same catchy beat as many of these songs but features a male voice. You can hear the raw emotion in his voice when he gets to the chorus of “La la la’s” and “You’re breaking me.” His voice is unique in that it’s not your airy and effortless Charlie Puth voice. Topic has a growl to his voice that sounds more raw and real in a good way.

I hope these songs gave you the energy and excitement you needed. I may not be an expert on EDM and its different types, but I tried to stick to a similar sound. See you again next week!

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