Don’t Defy Spotify

Pandora, Soundcloud, Apple Music, Tidal… With so many different platforms on which to listen to music, finding the right one can be a struggle.  However, fret not; I’ve made the decision for you: Spotify it is.

I’ll start with a few reasons to make Spotify your new go to when it comes to music apps. First, user friendly access to over 20 million songs. Inexpensive premium membership allowing for ad-free music and offline listening. And, of course, world-renowned algorithms providing music suggestions more on point than any other music platform out there.

On the hunt for new music? If your Spotify Discover Weekly playlist is not on your cue, that needs to change right now. The Discover Weekly playlist is dope enough to sell Spotify on its own: a playlist curated every week for each individual user.  It uses a unique software that pulls from your music library to create a new two hour playlist each Monday.  The Discover Weekly playlist allows you to uncover new artists, genres and songs based on a music collection you’ve already created while using the Spotify app.

Spotify also has a number of Daily Mixes, handcrafted the same way just for you every single day.  These mixes mirror that of a pandora station: a collection of songs similar in genre or artist.  Each account holds a few different mixes each day, ranging from Rufus du Sol and Odesza to Greensky Bluegrass and Manic Focus.  The mixes are comprised of a list of songs from your downloaded library and some new additions for you to save.

Lastly, the switch to Spotify wouldn’t be complete without a competitive station aspect.  Not only do the stations play without ads, but they also allow you unlimited skips and a wider variety than what we’ve seen before on Pandora and Soundcloud.

If you’ve been looking for a sign to switch, here it is.  Spotify is the acoustic answer to all your music problems; the symphonic solution to all your musical needs.

Spotify is the answer to all your music problems
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Spotify is the answer to all your music problems
Finding the right one can be a struggle.
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