If you weren’t watching the big Tik Tokers vs YouTubers fight last Saturday, what were you doing?

For those who don’t know anything about it, heres some background:

The event took place at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Florida. Just one week after the highly disappointing Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather fight.

This whole idea of a boxing battle came about when influencers saw YouTubers like the Paul Brothers making millions of dollars off these events. Other internet stars wanted a piece of the action.

We’re not here to talk about the event itself, but the musical performances. The last wrestling event that was attached to Tik Tok’s name was lacking in many areas, one of them being musical performances. But for this Tik Toker’s versus YouTubers fight they really showed out. Big names like DJ Khaled and Migos were part of the lineup. With half of these people getting famous on an app that is made up of dancing to songs, there had to be some big performances.

Trippie Redd

Trippie Redd FULL PERFORMANCE LIVE @ YouTuber vs TikToker BOXING EVENT! -  YouTube

Trippie was the first performance of the night, immediately after the first fight. The first thing I noticed was that it was a festival-style performance. They just played “Dark Knight Dummo” as he seemed to just scream over the song. Sometimes he let the song play and just dance to it. It was a typical Trippie Redd performance, but the audience was not feeling it. I’ll give him some credit though. After all, there was not much of an audience because they were coming later for the fights they wanted to see.

DJ Khaled

DJ Khaled Clowned For 'TikTok Vs. YouTube' Fight Performance | HipHopDX

I think DJ Khaled got a lot of bad rep for his set, but I don’t think he really deserves it. I mean, he is a DJ, all he has to do is hype up the audience. Khaled was only the second performance, so he had only a little bit more of a crowd than Trippie did. He played some of his popular songs, like “All I Do is Win” and “I’m On One”. He sang along to some of the songs and did some chants to get a reaction from the audience, but they didn’t seem too into it.

Big Latto

Big Latto started her performance off with a song that was really obvious no one knew the lyrics to. You could feel the awkwardness from the audience. She switched it up when she performed her Tik Tok famous song “B*tch From Da Souf” and you could see the audience go crazy.

What those first three performances were lacking, the last two made up for. These were the ones I was most excited about:


Migos had just dropped an album the day before the event, so everyone expected them to perform some of those songs. They performed their lead single “Straightenin” and they were doing what they do best – just vibing. You could tell they were genuinely enjoying being up on stage and performing their songs.

Lil Baby

I wasn’t really sure what to expect for Lil Baby’s performance. He hasn’t really come out with any big solo hits in a while. He came out performing one of his newer songs from DJ Khaled’s recent album, and he performed some throwbacks for the rest of the set: Drip Too Hard and We Paid. Although they aren’t songs a real Lil Baby fan would want, he knew his audience. Those are his most popular songs that blew up on Tik Tok, so he knew the crowd would be hype during his show.

For most of these artists, this was their first performance since the pandemic. I’m sure they were ready for everyone to be hype. However, it was obvious they didn’t shape their show around the age group they were performing for. Compared to the last event, I think there was a lot of improvement and they chose artists’ that the audience would appreciate more.

The idea of musical performances during boxing events is pretty new. It seems to open the boxing world to a new audience: the younger social media audience. I think this is beneficial to the fighting world, they get these kids interested in boxing and more people watch other boxing events that aren’t internet related. I certainly wasn’t interested in boxing until I knew Vinnie Hacker was going to be in the program. And I definitely wouldn’t have bought the fight if Migos and Lil Baby weren’t performing, either.

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