Dj Drez: Music Producer, Yogi, Mind Astronaut

This week I had the opportunity to interview international recording artists Dj Drez. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Drez for about 3 years now, and his music is amongst my favorite to practice yoga, walk in the park, or just enjoy life to. He has a unique sound, pulling inspiration from reggae, hip-hop, and traditional yoga music. He is a self described lover, sound ambassador, hip hopper, beat maker, and you guessed it, mind astronaut.

M: How long have you been producing music and what made you start?

D: “I started producing music around 1994 and when I got more serious equipment in 1998 I got more serious in my production. Djing clubs, parties and making mixtapes is what lead me to producing. I’ve always had a strong desire to make the kind of music that I play as a DJ.”

M: What’s your favorite track you’ve ever produced and why?

D: “Oh that’s tough. My albums are quite different from one to the next. So many moods, emotions, situations and events happen in life and my music reflects allot of that. My favorite music varies month to month and day to day.”

M: What is it like making music with your wife?

D: “Ultimately it’s wonderful, satisfying and then some! To share the stage with her is always a pleasure, she’s a freakin’ pro. Sometimes she’s vary annoying and difficult to work with but I understand the balance.”

M: What can we expect from your next album?

D: “My next album will be under the name Good Crush. Reggae/Dub has always influenced my production style and I have produced Reggae tunes on various projects but this album is a straight up Reggae/Dub album. It features vocals from an old friend of mine Orlando Royal, my wife Marti Nikko and myself. The bass was played by Ronnie McQueen (Steel Pulse founding member) and Good Crush features a few other talented musician friends.”

M: What is the message you want to share with the world?

D: “The world can be a better, more peaceful place to live if we take true responsibility for our own actions, thoughts and words. Compassion, love, travel, music, communication, the practice of a mind body discipline, the desire to learn and to understand are all realistic steps we can take to bring balance to every day suffering.”

Dj Drez’s next album, Good Crush, is set to release on December 18th, in the meantime check him out on instagram and spotify! You can also find Drez on the lineup for Envision Festival this spring in Costa Rica. Below I have linked my favorite Drez song featuring vocals from his wife, Marti Nikko. I had the pleasure of seeing it performed live last year at Something Big 2018. The entire crowd was chanting “I am love” in unison and the energy absolutely brought me to tears. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


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