Dive Into This Year’s Imagine Music Festival

The Atlanta Motor Speedway will be opening its gates for yet another year of the aquatic fairytale themed dance music festival. Imagine Music Festival returns for episode six of this electronic voyage that set sail years ago. Dance music lovers from all around will anchor their ships for a euphoric weekend surrounded by electronic beats, vibrant lights, art installations and much much more. Year after year Imagine has showcased top notch production and musical talent, this year is no different. We have been blessed with another great mix of progressive & electro, downtempo, and a flurry of house from artists around the world and local talent as well.

Big festival flyers can often be a bit overwhelming especially if you’re looking to find artists that might be new to YOU. One major benefit of a festival is being able to branch out to different sub genres of dance music that you didn’t even know you enjoyed. We are going to take a look at 5 different artists or stages that WE think you should check out.


The TECHYES / Guerrilla 360 stage is going to welcome all house lovers over the course of the weekend as they’re bringing some funk and booty shakin’ house to IMF. The stage will host worldwide and local talent with one common love, house music. When it comes to funky house tunes and a lovely time there’s no better fit than the French booty lovin’ duo, Amine Edge & DANCE.  The duo is known for their very own label CUFF, absolutely smashing gigs left and right, and their consistent top quality releases like my personal favorite ‘Ruthless’. Amine Edge & DANCE is a must see for all ghetto bass house lovin’ freaks at Imagine.


Remember when I said local talent? Meet Zen Selekta, the Atlanta based artist is a massive part of the ATL bass community. Constantly inspiring others with her music and ambitions to help provide spiritual healing for all. She has absolutely no intention of stopping here as she has already played gigs across the US and internationally as well. An organic mix of downtempo beats, passionately infused with sounds from around the world will have you on a quick (mental) trip through space & time. Zen Selekta will take the Amazonia stage by storm amongst some huge names in bass music like G Jones and Tipper. Check out her set from last year here.


It’s often tough to find a nice balance between house music and bass music. From the fans arguing about subgenres, forms of dancing, attire etc. Dirtybird is the peacemaker in this debate, label boss Claude VonStroke has been paving the way for bass house in the USA and globally since 2005 with the Bay Area based label. From hosting Dirtybird campouts from coast to coast, quarterly events, Dirtybird BBQs and much more the Dirtybird players have been a massive influence on the hybrid fan base. The southeast is no stranger to Dirtybird as we’ve seen it’s artists take over clubs and stages in Miami, Tampa, Orlando, Tallahassee and Atlanta on numerous occasions. We are lucky enough to have an entire stage run by Dirtybird at IMF with appearances by Claude Vonstroke, Justin Martin, J Phlip, Justin Jay, and Wax Motif. We also have a few Dirtybird players spinnin’ on the TECHYES / Guerrilla 360 stage as well.


Downtempo beats will be sufficiently provided at Imagine Music Festival 2019 and we’re excited to be spun, wobbled and lifted by the puppeteer himself, Thriftworks. As far out as experimental soundscapes and manipulative bass will take you, I can assure any bass lovers that Thriftworks will be at the end of the tunnel. The Bay Area artist has made quite the name for himself and can be recognized for his high calibre productions, eclectic dj sets, and his forward thinking sound. He will join an arsenal of bass heavy artists this year on the Amazonia Stage.


The beauty of hosting a music festival in Atlanta is that you’re parking the bus in one of the best music cities around. Another self-made local, Treasure Fingers, who burst into the scene several years ago will be dropping heaters on the TECHYES / Guerrilla 360 stage this year. With years of consistent releases, remixes, festival and club sets the Psycho Disco! label boss himself will be showcasing a wide range of funky house tunes. For any of my Tampa based people, you might remember when Treasure Fingers released the hefty remix of Landis LaPace’s “Our House” which was released on Psycho Disco! back in 2015.


We’re thrilled to be back in attendance for IMF this year and we can’t wait to see you there. Please keep an eye out for our future Imagine previews and post-event reviews. Imagine Music Festival tickets and general info can be found here.

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