Damian Lazarus Transcends NYC Music Scene With ‘Get Lost’ Concept

New York City is always a top-choice for artists to showcase their talents in, and the one and only Damian Lazarus has finally picked the city that never sleeps to feature his magical and alluring ‘Get Lost’ dance music concept. Always straying away from the ordinary, Damian Lazarus has become quite a persona within the underground music scene. While he’s widely recognized for his perplexing house and techno sounds, he’s also known for throwing the most extraordinarily bizarre soirees around the globe. Lucky for us, I got to be a part of the latest Get Lost experience right here in my own backyard.

After a prosperous outcome during Get Lost Miami during Miami Music Week this past Spring, there was no hesitation in deciding to produce another fascinating session in the states later in the year. Get Lost has also made an appearance in cities like Los Angeles, London, Mexico City, as well as at several stage takeovers like its most recent one at Tomorrowland in Belgium. While the event brand is still quite fresh, music lovers worldwide have become keen of its state-of-the-art notion. Meant to portray a more subversive and intimate live music setting, Get Lost is simply unmatched to anything else.

This past weekend, Damian Lazarus completely revamped the NYC live music scene with his most phenomenal Get Lost party to date, and I’m still buzzing over how remarkable the entire production played out. As one of electronic dance music’s most prominent cities, New York was truly the perfect place to host the latest Get Lost extravaganza. With its already popping nightlife and lively music scene, it was everything the city didn’t even know it needed. A plethora of different artists bring their curated events to the city all year round, but it was time for something unusual, something entirely anew, and Get Lost was it.

The immersive two-day house and techno venture took place at the flourishing Knockdown Center, fitting the party’s entire concept wholly with its underground ambiance. On Friday, attendees witnessed the debut of the Get Lost Live production meant to entirely redesign the way a live show should be experienced. Intertwined with The Bowery Presents’ exquisite production capabilities, everyone was introduced to a world of live showcases unlike any other from acts like Mashrou Leila, Kelsey Lu, Beautiful Swimmers, and Whitney Fierce. While this was only the beginning for a few short hours, it was an intriguing glimpse to what the rest of the event would entail.

The party continued on the next day with a lineup full of artists in association with Lazarus’ own Crosstown Rebels movement, and the energy was sky-high from the moment the doors opened at 2 pm. Later in the evening, more spaces within Knockdown Center opened its doors, aiding in the mysteriousness behind the exotic dance party. Whether I found myself venturing into the cave-like basement, the modern Texas Room, or the extensive main room, there was always something compelling to partake in.

All day and night long, sounds from Ae:ther (Live), Brina Knauss, Davi, Denney, DJ Three, Francesca Lombardo, Joeski, Magit Cacoon, Serge Devant, Tibi Dado, and others represented the Crosstown Rebels brand phenomenally. NYC natives The Martinez Brothers, Detroit techno legend Carl Craig, Robag Whrume, Felix Da Housecat, and Tijana T absolutely killed their highly-anticipated sets as well, while Damian Lazarus closed out his hypnotic event in the most fascinating manner. It was the type of vibe you never want to leave, the type of ambiance you want to be a part of forever. The 16-hour progressive fiesta took place pretty much from sunset to sunrise on day two, and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

As much as I’ve tried to put what Get Lost is all about into words, its the type of event you just have to experience for yourself to truly comprehend its complexity. Damian Lazarus has truly diversified the commercial dance music scene with this captivating concept, merging music lovers and night-owls alike into a world entirely of his own. With its enchanting Burning Man-like quirks and old-school rave feel, Get Lost is definitely in the lead in revolutionizing the contemporary house and techno scene.



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