Daisy Chain Hosts Their 8th Installment at Spin Nightclub

If you missed out on the last party, there is more where that came from! Daisy Chain is back at it again with another genre bending line up full of talented artists. The SoCal based collective is continuing to push the envelope of experimental bass music. This upcoming collaboration features a team of producers who each like to hop from different bpm, driving the night into a diverse and shifty tempo experience.

Everyone is pulling to Spin on February 4th at 9 pm for another installment of musical excellence and variety. Headliners for this week’s function include Player Dave and Tiedye Ky, with support from Oakk and Kaipora.

Eprom at DC #7 Spin Nightclub – Photo credit: @kathysnapped

Get to know the artists on the line up:


Spawned in San Diego and creating a name for themselves in the underground bass scene, Kaipora comes back to the homeland for Daisy Chain. The duo’s name is derived from Brazilian folklores and the protector of the forest. Kaipora is the union of two right-brained individuals creating music and selling their handmade clothes on their travels. They’ve played locally in the LA area at Wub Wednesday and soundXperiment.


Oakk is another extremely talented artist on the lineup coming all the way from Canada. A multi-talented producer and graphic designer, Oakk brings his own unique experimental groove to his sets. His deep vibey sounds are heavily influenced by RnB and Hip-Hop and are sure to get your body moving.

Player Dave

Founder of Daisy Chain and independent DJ/producer, he has mastered the art of deep, sensual, emotional bass music. Player Dave exceeds at highlighting the gentle subtleties in his productions, that keep the listener intrigued for what’s next. His sets feel like one long song that you wish never ended.

Tiedye Ky

Philly based DJ and crowd favorite, Tiedye Ky has built a solid reputation around his sheer ability to encapsulate a vast range of emotions through bass music. His expertise lies in translating deep emotion, vulnerability, and floor shaking drops while swimming in and out of the dream state. Tiedye Ky has made his name known in the bass scene and all over the country. You never know what to expect with this one – which means we’re in for a real treaaaaat.

Daisy Chain #8 is going be a special one. Don’t show up late, you won’t want to miss a second.

Get your tickets here! Doors open at 9.

To read more about Daisy Chain click here.

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