Crazy Ex-Girlfriend has Crazy Great Music

I know you haven’t watched Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. The CW’s ratings don’t lie, along with the lack of social media fervor. This feminist musical dramedy (Yes. All three of those adjectives.) lasted 4 seasons and was pitch perfect throughout, giving us flawed characters with human emotions, all whilst singing their feelings as they battled depression, bipolar disorder, and other various mental illnesses. The show was not only important, but also hilarious. 
So, why am I talking about a television show on a music website? Well, because the over 150 original songs for the show slap! (Forgive me for using that term. I think I hate it? We have a tumultuous relationship.) Rachel Bloom, the show’s creator and star, worked with Adam Schlesinger, and Jack Dolgen to write and produce every song the show has given us. I know the term “musical” scares a lot of people, but I wanted to showcase my Top 5 songs from the series to show just how many genres the show has covered, along with helping to get you hooked for a good ‘ole Netflix marathon viewing. 

Let’s Generalize About Men is an ode to The Pointer Sisters, and as Rachel Bloom has called it, “a song that is incredibly feminist, and anti-feminist at the same time.” You know how men like to lump all women together into one pile of mush when talking about them? Well, women can do that, too. Usually with a bottle of wine. And with a level of snark that is out of this world. This song is not only a bop, but also features the line “Your sons are gonna be rapists!” said with such gusto, that you can’t help but applaud. 

The Sexy Getting Ready Song was featured in the show’s premiere way back in 2015 and was a smooth and sultry R&B number about how SEXY it is for women to get ready to go out. Oh so sexy-exy-exy. YEAH, that’s a no. The best part about the show’s musical sensibilities are while all the songs are from a comedic viewpoint, they still so perfectly fit in with the genre that you could add this to a playlist filled with Toni Braxton and “The Boy Is Mine” and no one would think twice about it. There’s ass blood, there’s crying whilst putting on Spanx, there’s a callout to all men who don’t even try, but there’s a phenomenal feature from Nipsey Hussle (RIP) that will have you doing a full spit take. 
We’ll Never Have Problems Again is a disco fantasia on delusional themes. You know when you’re in a relationship, but it is clearly 110% not working, but you just say “It’s working” out loud and then you laugh and stick with it for four more weeks as you cry every night and try to avoid the inevitable? Yeah, that’s this song. The delusion of the two leads is so out of control that Heather (your soon-to-be favorite character on the show) tries to call them out to no avail, so just Soul Trains on out of the situation, which is what we should all strive to do. 
First Penis I Saw is just that. Paula, the greatest television “sidekick” in modern history (That is a fact, not an opinion), runs into a man at a grocery store, who happens to be the owner of the first penis she ever saw. Oh, and it’s an ABBA number. Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again could NEVER. It’s one of those songs that you can relate to, but you don’t want to admit that you relate to it. Also, just so you know, a GREAT car jam. 
Anti-Depressants Are So Not A Big Deal is a La La Land fever dream discussing the normality of anti-depressants. Mental health stigma will only go away with it becoming normal (which it is!) and this song tries to tackle that. Testimonials from regular folk (who happen to be incredible dancers) in the middle of a tap number AND the group singing the line “But when it comes to meds/you’re such a basic bitch”?! A. Perfect. Song. 
Don’t let the term “musical” scare you! This show is not only perfect, eye-opening, hilarious, and powerful…but also fully available on Netflix! All 4 seasons! You’re welcome in advance! 

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