Just last week, on March 2nd, Lennon Stella released a cover of Dido’s “Thank You.” She gave us an acoustic take on this iconic track. Her airy and sombre voice fit perfectly with the sentimental lyrics. 

Sometimes covers can be so bad, because they erase the intention of the original song. It’s easy to lose the true meaning of a song in a cover when you try just a little too hard to make it your own. 

On the flip side, some covers can be really great, because they bring something new to a song; a new level that it might have been missing. Sometimes artists are successful in covering another artists’ songs because they don’t try to change it too drastically and they bring a different, but good vibe to it. 

In honour of Lennon Stella releasing a cover that I deem pretty successful, here are some other covers of songs that don’t suck!


“Can’t Believe it (T-pain cover)” – Moses Sumney ft. sam gendel

First up, we have Moses Sumney’s cover of T-Pain’s “Can’t Believe It.” This song was already iconic and such a vibe, but Moses Sumney brought a little extra sexy to it. Synth and wind instruments and Sumney’s sultry voice bring a calm vibe to the track.

“Once I was (Tim buckley cover)” – Penn Badgley

If you didn’t know Joe from “YOU” could sing, I’m happy to be the one to let you know. This man can SING. He gives us a soulful and raw cover of Tim Buckley’s “Once I Was.” If you want to hear more from Penn Badgley, check out his band MOTHXR, I recommend their song “Stranger.”

“GET LUCKY (daft punk cover)” – Daughter

Daughter gave us a much darker, much slower, much more poignant version of Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky.” Elena Tonra’s vocals never disappoint. This song is perfect for late night drives in the rain.

“Footsteps in the dark (The Isley Brothers Cover)” – SiR

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to explain the way I love SiR’s voice. His R&B vocals are smooth and effortless.

“Lost in yesterday (tame impala cover)” – sycco

Sycco give us the familiarity of Tame Impala’s tempo and techno vibes, but definitely put her own spin onto the song. With her unique vocals and style, she was successful in her fresh take on “Lost in Yesterday.”

I’m forever searching for covers that don’t disappoint and of course, I’ll let you know if I find any more! Until then, enjoy these!

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