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Now that we’ve all had a week to digest it, let’s discuss Nigo’s newest album, “I Know NIGO!”

It’s been over two decades since Japanese fashion designer, Nigo, has released an album. It’s safe to say this star-studded collab album was worth the wait. Sure, some of the tracks fell short and arguably could have been better, but overall, it was not a disappointing album.

There were songs that instantly became my favourites and some that I had to listen to multiple times to be able to enjoy them.

Now, it’s time to take a closer look and go track by track through Nigo’s newest album, “I Know NIGO!”


“LOST AND FOUND freestyle 2019”- NIGO (with a$ap rocky & tyler, the creator)

You can never really go wrong with an A$AP Rocky and Tyler, The Creator collaboration. The iconic pair rap over a two-part beat, produced by The Neptunes (Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo.) A$AP Rocky’s verse felt out of place on top of the uncharacteristically upbeat instrumentals. However, I loved the brass instruments that played throughout Tyler’s verse. I thought his verse was a lot stronger and felt more natural than A$AP’s. Overall, I loved the song but I did miss the “Potato Salad” vibes and the way that A$AP and Tyler went back and forth and fed off of each others energy.

“ARYA”- nigo (with A$AP Rocky)

This track felt a lot more like A$AP ROCKY, specifically old school Rocky. The production on this track is clean and Rocky’s verse flows effortlessly.


Clipse???? Hello???? It’s been a long time since we’ve heard from the iconic hip hop duo Clipse (Malice and Pusha T) and they did not disappoint. This might be one of my favourite songs on the album. The duo’s verse flowed perfectly over the beat produced, again, by The Neptunes. No complaints with this song. Here’s to hoping we get some more new music from Clipse… maybe even a new album?

“Functional addict”- Nigo (with pharrell and gunna)

This song, arguably, has the best and most addictive beat on the entire album. Pharrell and Gunna went ahead and gave us a classic. This track feels authentic and different and definitely picked up the slack from some of the songs that just didn’t hit as hard on the album.

“want it bad”- Nigo (with kid cudi)

Now I’m not saying this is a bad song, it just felt out of place on the album. Maybe we can chalk it up to Kid Cudi usually going against the norm and always being unique, but this song in my opinion just wasn’t as strong as the others on the album. Cudi has an amazing voice and we all know it, so I was a little disappointed that the autotune overpowered his vocals on this track. I liked the song, just like I like most of Kid Cudi’s music, but I do think he could’ve done a lot more and a lot better on this track.

“morë tonight”- nigo (with teriyaki boyz)

Nigo has been the DJ for Teriyaki Boyz since they started making music together in 2005. So, it was nice to see them being featured on this album. You may know them from their highly memed song “Tokyo Drift,” but this song couldn’t have been further from that track. They gave us an energetic club track that I’m sure will keep people dancing for years.

“Paper plates”- Nigo (with pharrell and A$AP Ferg)

I’ll be the one to say it, A$AP Ferg carried this song. The abrasive and heavy beats proved too strong for Pharrell’s softer vocals on this track and he sounded so out of place. However, A$AP Ferg did what needed to be done and I’m sure no one is surprised. Sure, it wasn’t a flow as iconic as “Plain Jane,” but it was still very impressive. I’ll keep listening to this song for A$AP Ferg.

“hear me clearly”- Nigo (With pusha t)

Here we go with ANOTHER Pusha T feature on this album and I’m not mad about it. The beats, the production, the lyrics, the bassline. Everything about this song is insane. This is easily one of the best songs off of the album. Pusha T gives us that iconic old school rap/ hip hop vibe and if you’re not vibing with it.. you’re WRONG.

“remember”- nigo (with pop smoke)

If you’re not hyped up just by the intro of this song, there’s something wrong. This song is great even before Pop Smoke even comes in and even better when he actually does. Nigo really handled Pop Smoke’s vocals so well and the beat worked perfectly. The sample of Kiesza’s “Sound of a Woman” worked perfectly as the back track for this song. This track will definitely be on repeat for a while.

“Heavy”- Nigo (with Lil uzi vert)

I can’t say I’m the biggest Lil Uzi fan but I ended up really loving this song. I thought it was a bold choice to put Uzi over a drill beat, but it worked so well. This is definitely another one of my favourites.

“Come on, let’s go”- Nigo (with Tyler, The Creator)

As someone who listens to albums for the first time in chronological order (always), the only complaint I have about this song is that I had to wait until the end of the album to hear it. This is without a doubt, 100%, my favourite song on the album. Tyler’s storytelling is impeccable and his style is so distinct. As soon as you hear one of his songs come on, you know it’s him. I’m not sure how he out does himself everytime he releases something, but he always does. Honestly, this was the best way to end Nigo’s album!

Everyone say “thank you, Nigo” right now! Although there were some flops on Nigo’s album and some aspects that just didn’t work, it was pretty impressive overall.

Hopefully we don’t have to wait another twenty years to hear from him again!!

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