As artists are continuously exploring genres and styles, there’s one artist who seemingly delivers versatile music every time. If you don’t know who Cautious Clay is you’re missing out on a wild ride of amazing songs. Cautious Clay’s use of Hip-hop and electronic sound all play a part in shaping his unique yet versatile musical style. With Cautious Clay being an accomplished musician, he has been noted for his ability to play a variety of instruments, including the saxophone, flute, guitar, bass, piano, and drums in his biggest hits.

As he prepares for his latest upcoming EP, singer, Cautious Clay drops his newest track “Burning Up Slow” which features a co-production with the artist HXSN. Clay announced “Burning Up Slow” alongside the announcement of his new EP, “Thin Ice on the Cake.”

The upcoming EP serves as his fourth EP. It follows previous titles such as Deadpan Love, Table of Context, Bloodtype, and RESONANCE.

This latest track, according to Clay, is “all about enjoying the ride.”

The upcoming EP will include a total of six different songs, three of which have already been released.

Here is the full tracklist:

1. “Lip Service”

2. “Puffer”

3. “Camp Anonymous”

4. “Type II Nostalgia”

5. “Burning Up Slow”

6. “Sarah Tonin”

Three Songs Already Available on the EP on Spotify

so, WHAT does the new ep, ‘THIN ICE ON THE CAKE’ SYMBOLIZE?

According to a statement made by Clay on his Youtube Channel, he’s always “loved working with juxtapositions” in his music. He says that Thin Ice on the Cake relates to “being on the edge of something really bad as we grow nearer to death; birthdays are also about celebrating the positives and joys of life.”

Clay says that is a great symbol of the word ‘cake’.


As someone who has been listening to Cautious Clay for at least 4 years, I must say, his music never disappoints. Most of his songs will either get you in your feelings or have you bopping your head to his high-energy beats.

Everything from the groovy beat and instrumental to the oddly satisfying music video makes “Burning Up Slow” an exciting tune to listen to. “Burning Up Slow” is definitely been a song that I’ve been walking to my college classes listening to.

With Clay’s previous success, I would definitely recommend checking his music out. My favorite songs by Cautious Clay would have to be Cold War (2018) & Crowned (2018).

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