How Have Card Games Remained Relevant in Pop Culture?

Card games have been around forever. No, like actually forever… approximately AD1000, I checked. Invented by the Chinese originally, cards made their way to Europe around 1360. How is it that in 2023 cards are still so beloved? Of course, the distribution has evolved, nowadays most people play online on sites like, but the concept has stayed relatively the same.

My theory is pretty simple, cards are accessible. You can pick up a pack from the dollar store or play online for free. Playing cards is also a crowd pleaser in terms of age. Cards are one of the few games you can play from the kids table to the grandparent’s end that everyone can enjoy and understand. We also have music to thank for keeping cards relevant. Since cards are so accessible and understood by almost any audience, it makes sense that so many artists choose to write about it. I’ve made a list of some of my favorite songs about card games, and a link to go play the game for yourself!

“Pokerface” by Lady Gaga

This pop classic by Lady Gaga makes a reference to having a “poker face”. As anyone who plays poker knows, the key to this game is keeping a neutral expression. You don’t want your opponent to guess your hand or call your bluff. The same concept applies to love according to Gaga. Play Vegas Style Poker here!

“House of Cards” By Radiohead

This song by the legendary rock band is a softer number than their usual, which makes perfect sense in relation to the title. A house of cards is a very delicate and fragile structure. Just like when building a relationship; as one builds a house of cards you must be slow, steady, balanced, and gentle. One wrong move and the whole structure collapses. It’s interesting how well cards allude to the nature of our personal relationships. Play House of Cards here!


If card games aren’t your thing, is a great resource for tons of other games and puzzles, including crosswords. Mic Drop Music Talk Alum J. Maya wrote one of the cleverest songs I’ve ever heard using the structure of a crossword puzzle. Her creativity amazes me. If you want more of J. Maya watch the full episode below, and if you’re looking for good crosswords play here!

Whether you are a poker player, house of cards builder, or crossword puzzle aficionado- there is something for everyone. The distribution may change, but one thing is for sure, card games are here to stay.

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