Can Luke Hemmings Talent Make It Solo?

Alright, buckle up guys, Luke Hemmings released his debut album and I have a lot to say about it. My first article for Mic Drop was a 5 Seconds of Summer album-by-album review, so this brings it full circle. It only makes sense that I give my full review of this one as well.

The album is titled ‘When Facing the Things We Turn Away From’. Just because Luke went solo real quick doesn’t mean that the band is breaking up. I may be biased in that he is ¼ of my favorite band, and a long-time holder of my heart, but this album is great and deserves the attention it has gotten so far.

It all started a little over a month ago when Luke randomly teased a single coming out called “Starting Line”. This caused fans to go pretty much feral and speculate that the band had broken up. Those rumors were quickly put to rest when the band confirmed they are also working on their new album (currently coining the name “5SOS5” until it is released).

The song was released a few days later and blew all my expectations out of the water. It was lyrically, artistically, and musically amazing and climbed the charts almost immediately.

After this, he released two more singles. Both were progressively better than the last and solidified that this album was going to be great.

(WFTTWTAF is the acronym for it and what I will be using for the rest of this article).

WFTTWTAF deeply resembles 5 Seconds of Summer’s most recent album CALM. The style of music mixed with Luke’s vocal range choices are very similar and leads me to think he took charge in writing that album as well

This album takes on a pop-alternative route, making sure to highlight Luke’s incredible voice and high range. I think that is what I enjoyed most about it, we get to hear a new side of his voice and style that never gets highlighted in the band. When doing his own side projects, he gets the opportunity to show us the parts of himself he never has before. The songs are all not only catchy but deeply emotional and meaningful (don’t listen to ‘Mum’ unless you want to cry).

He also mentioned that his fiancée, Sierra Deaton, helped write, and even vocalized, parts of WFTTWTAF. Which is incredibly adorable.

My favorites from the WFTTWTAF are ‘Saigon’, ‘Diamonds’, and ‘Baby Blue’. Honestly, I would pick the whole album if I could, I am deeply in love with every song. These songs, however, all show a side of Luke we have yet to hear and I adore it. They have amazing musical builds, unique vocal ranges, and just display his raw voice so beautifully. There is a unique balance of modern techno music and real instruments, especially electric guitar and a solid drum backing, in every song that sets this album apart. Musically, I was amazed by the amount of unique talent in this album. I always knew he was talented, I mean 5SOS is my favorite band for a reason, but this was something different that really amazed me.

All in all, this album was fantastic. Even putting aside any 5SOS bias, I love it just the same. If any of you are looking for a new artist or album to obsess over, this is the one. And might I add: the merch is cute as hell.

A Review of Luke Hemmings' New Album
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A Review of Luke Hemmings' New Album

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