Can Jason Price Leave His Comfort Zone?

Price comes out swinging as the self proclaimed “best rapper out of Long Island”, kind of has a ring to it, no? Not a title I hear often but Jason Price claims it. He just recently dropped a brand new project Comfort Zone, a follow up to his 2018 album Yours Truly. Most artists only two projects in are still trying to figure out their sound, production, mixing and mastering, the little things that make the whole greater. Jason has this all under control and it shines through on his latest work.


Sitting at only 9 songs and 21 minutes in length, he leaves little room for errors. A common trend in rap music has artists adding tracks on tracks, in hopes of a hit coming from sheer volume of music alone. Price has done the opposite. Slimming down the track list and time in order to create a more cohesive experience. The sound of the project flows amazing, ‘Smoke with the Moon’ to ‘Visions’ to ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ moves together and is the strongest run of the album to me.

‘Visions’ is one of the strongest cuts of the record but it leaves you wanting much more. As the beat and flow goes, even name dropping 1987 Heather Locklear, it’s all working and moving perfectly then… ends. Coming in at just over a minute and a half, feels like a sip of water when you wanted a glass. Most of this project feels that way. ’tis a great introduction and a taste of what can be done. The sound on this project is extremely refined, it’s all mixed to perfection with a studio sound, not that of bedroom creations. All of the beats are cohesive and Jason sits in his pocket well, a New York flow with a classic rap feel.


The title track ‘Comfort Zone’, does exactly that. Price escapes his signature beats and switches his flow up to something unheard on the rest of the album, a much needed change of pace. Jason Price has a good project on his hands, I just want more. There are several strong runs throughout, however I’m left with that same “sip of water” feeling. As Price continues to drop more music, I hope he expands the sounds and flows and gives listeners that “glass of water” satisfaction.


Favorite tracks: Visions, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Comfort Zone

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