Broken Memories: Jamie Miller’s Journey Through Love

Throughout the years, pop artists have created songs center around falling in love or experiencing heartbreak. Almost everyone can relate to either scenario, which makes pop music impactful and enjoyable. Whether it’s from family, friends, or a significant other, people have experienced some form of love. This is why the subject of love is so prevalent throughout the world of music.

Jamie Miller is a new and upcoming artist in the pop music genre. His songs are about the emotional turbulence that love brings into one’s life. Love is a powerful feeling, and the truth is that it can be taken away abruptly in relationships. Jamie Miller is not afraid to share his vulnerable side with his listeners because he knows that people are able to deeply relate to similar feelings. He shows his authentic self in his debut EP Broken Memories. Jamie Miller takes his audience on the journey of love. From falling in and out of love, to ultimately moving on from the love once shared.

Broken Memories Cover

Journey of Being In Love

“Last Call”

“Last Call” is one of my favorite tracks on the EP because it’s a sincere love song. Miller’s lyrics are dedicated to the person that he loves whole heartedly. He is telling her that even though she is out at a bar without him, he hopes that she is still thinking of him throughout the night. Miller continues to tell her that he wants to be her “first call” once she leaves the bar because he is eager to talk to her.

“Last Call” is a relatable song for those in a loving relationship. Almost everyone understands how it feels to have your significant other go out without you. This song is refreshing because it focuses on the love and care you should show, rather than jealousy or insecurity. The upbeat tune and honesty of the chorus come together to express the joy that love brings.


“Longer” comes second on Jamie Miller’s EP and it is another song focused on falling in love! This song is slower than “Last Call” but it still maintains a catchy tune. Miller pours his heart out all over this track. The lyrics are about how no time is enough to spend with the one you love. Miller further explains how he wishes that they fell in love earlier and that forever isn’t long enough. This song gives off a first love or “honeymoon” vibe, like when new couples wants to spend 24 hours a day together. “Longer” displays romance because of the genuine lyrics and soft beat throughout. This track allows Miller to express his emotions by using his voice as the lead instrument, rather than using loud tempos.

Falling Out Of Love

“Here’s Your Perfect”

The third song of Broken Memories may need to be accompanied by some tissues! “Here’s Your Perfect” is Jamie Miller’s outlet to share his feelings that come with getting out of a relationship. He explains how he was not enough for his significant other no matter how hard he tried. This song shows the stage of heartbreak where one is angry, upset, and regretful. Miller is saying that he knows he isn’t perfect, but his ex wouldn’t appreciate what he did for her. He explains how she constantly reminded him of his flaws, even though he was already aware of them.

This is the rockiest stage of heartbreak because emotions run wild. The swarm of emotions can become overbearing and hard to express through words. Jamie Miller did an excellent job at guiding listeners through this rollercoaster of emotions through “Here’s Your Perfect.”

“I Lost Myself in Loving You”

Song number four in Broken Memories encompasses the feeling of finally coming to terms with heartbreak. Sometimes in a committed relationship people tend to lose their individuality. In this song, Miller expresses how he wants to find himself again without the girl he once loved. He explains how their lives were interconnected, but he doesn’t want that anymore.

This feeling is something that takes a lot to overcome. Miller reaches his audience because of the emotions that he conveys not only in the lyrics itself, but through his delivery. He wasn’t afraid to try new harmonies, and this paid off for him. Listeners are able to feel and hear his pain as he sings “I Lost Myself in Loving You.”

Finally Moving On

“It Is What It Is”

Moving on from an unhealthy relationship is one of the best feelings you can experience. The release from toxicity and displeasure is uncanny to any other feeling. Miller’s “It Is What It Is,” explains that he simply doesn’t care for the girl he once loved.

He expresses that he doesn’t mind if he sees her out or if he simply never sees her again. This part of heartbreak is when people grow into the person they genuinely wanted to be. Miller explains how he isn’t held back by fear, anger, or hatred. This is probably why this song is one of Jamie Miller’s more upbeat tracks in the EP. The rhythm and style of this song expresses freedom and pure happiness. The music video shows how Miller is living his life, and if he hears about his ex then “it is what it is.”

“Over You”

A lot of times people think that when they’re finally single and happy, they’ll never think of their ex. This isn’t the case for everyone going through a breakup. Jamie Miller has accomplished authenticity in his last song of Broken Memories. He explains that even though he doesn’t want to be with his ex, she still crosses his mind. He originally thought that it would be easy to get over his past relationship, but his ex hasn’t disappeared in thin air.

Miller explains that it’s okay to have your ex cross your mind because this person was someone you put first at a point in your life. The beauty of balance that he created in this song is impressive. The lyrics themselves are sad, but he is able to compose a steady beat and catchy melody. I love that he was true to himself and vulnerable with his audience in the last song of the EP.

As we have seen throughout Jamie Miller’s EP Broken Memories, love can be exciting and fun. However, it can also be scary and despairing. These are experiences that everyone eventually goes through, which can be frightening. Personally, I am grateful for artists in the music industry who are able to convey their authentic and true emotions. Music helps people in tremendous ways because of the community that each artist creates. More artists are finding their vulnerability in music and it is so inspiring to see!

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