BROCKHAMPTON Shakes the Fillmore NOLA With New Tour

While seeing a new artist can be an exciting and novel experience, seeing those you’ve already seen can feel like running into old friends, or like putting on your most trusted oversized sweater. That’s exactly how it felt seeing BROCKHAMPTON take the stage at the Fillmore New Orleans this past Sunday, with killer opening performances by 100 Gecs & Slowthai.

BROCKHAMPTON is (L to R): Joba, Dom McLennon, Bearface, Kevin Abstract, Matt Champion & Merlyn Wood.

In a venue twice as big as when I first saw America’s favorite boy band, and three months after their album GINGER blew my mind, BROCKHAMPTON’s Heaven Belongs to You tour swept through New Orleans like a cyclone, wrapping me up in a flurry of sweat, tears, and communal love. BROCKHAMPTON’s music has always been about community, loving those around you, and enriching yourself off of the energy of others, and nowhere is that feeling more present than at their shows. 

The setlist was in constant rotation, with the boys playing a variety of songs from GINGER, iridescence, and the SATURATION trilogy. Opening with new bangers “St. Percy” and “If You Pray Right” and going straight into the explosive and riotous “Zipper” felt like a revelation. 

Seeing their ability to incorporate older material perfectly with the more low key, menacing new tracks was exhilarating, and as theatrical pyrotechnics enveloped the stage, I realized I was witnessing a group with wide ambitions performing at the capacity they were always meant to. The crowd, myself included, ate it up.

I made a GIPHY account just so I could add this.

When it comes down to it, I struggle to find highlights because, well, the whole show was a highlight. A standout moment was the extended version of fan favorite “Bleach”, featuring Kevin Abstract’s iconic verse from “Star” and Joba vocally riffing “Gin & Juice” by Snoop Dogg over the track. I’d be lying if I said my eyes stayed dry the whole time.

Tears aside, BROCKHAMPTON wasn’t afraid to keep the intensity high, with iridescence tracks like “District” and “J’ouvert” arguably the most mosh-heavy songs of the show. It’s staggering that they can go from tugging on my heart strings to relentlessly pummeling me in a matter of seconds.

All bets were off when they brought out their iconic couch and played SAT II classic “Gummy”.

They finished the set with heartfelt GINGER opener “No Halo” with the audience singing every word. As the boys took their bows, Kevin Abstract asked if the crowd wanted to hear “New Orleans”, the brain melting opener to iridescence. Naturally, he and was met with a resounding YES. Not surprisingly, it brought the house down, and me along with it.

3 mirrored crosses hung behind the group the whole show. It was beautiful.

Don’t pass up on the chance to see this tour! BROCKHAMPTON continue to prove themselves to be one of the most dynamic, energetic and feat-defying groups in music right now. I cannot wait for my next chance to see these fine young lads take the stage again, and remember: Heaven Belongs to You If You Pray Right.

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