Beyoncé Makes A Dramatic Return With Atlantis Dubai Private Show

It has been four long years since the Beyhive has witnessed their Queen live on stage! It’s clear Beyoncé has made a triumphant return, and showing fans her comeback was worth the wait! Her return was on an opulent and grand scale, performing at the new Atlantis the Royal Resort in Dubai earlier this month. If you missed it, no worries, we’ve got the recap!

let’s talk about aesthetics:

This wasn’t just a regular concert for average fans. The event was centered around exclusivity, marketed as an invite-only “once-in-a-lifetime” experience. The main attraction of course being an hour-long performance by Queen Bey herself. Boy did she deliver! Everything about the performance was dripping in opulence. From the mind-blowing set design to her killer designer outfits. The Texas born singer could be seen centerstage, on an elevated a platform sporting a yellow corset dress with a feathered back piece.

Fireworks set off as she began the show by singing Etta James’ “At Last” into a golden microphone. Beyoncé performed many of her hits, including “Crazy in Love” (singing the “50 Shades of Grey” version mixed with the original). One of the highlights of the night had to be the guest appearance from her daughter Blue Ivy, who joined her on stage for a song. The mother daughter duo sang “Brown Skin Girl” together. Even though Jay Z was not present on stage, she let the crowd know that her family was all in the audience to support her, which felt like a genuine moment for the star.

Blue Ivy continuously proves that she is a star, just like her mother. Despite her young age, being in a foreign country, and performing in front of a massive crowd, it seemed like nothing could shake her confidence. She took the stage in a bright red sequined jumpsuit and made her presence known. Blue finished the song by giving her mom a big hug, blowing a kiss to the crowds, and even striking a pose like a pro!

Let’s talk wardrobe:

Like any true popstar, a performance night should be filled with multiple outfit changes. Queen Bey especially is known for her exquiste designer pieces and impeccable fashion sense. Naturally the bar for wardrobe for a show of this caliber was naturally set quite high. She had three different wardrobe changes throughout the night, including her bold yellow number, a red corseted jumpsuit, and a sheer crystal adorned mini dress to end the show.

Each outfit had shifted the energy throughout the show, singing heavy ballads like “Freedom,” “Spirit,” and “Be Alive.” One of her biggest highlights was singing “Beautiful Liar” and “Naughty Girl,” which she appeared in her final looks for the performance.

Final Moments of queen BEYONCÉ:

She wrapped up the show by performing “Drunk in Love” with all kinds of visuals. Most notably with Beyoncé lifted into the air while an enormous firework show was behind her. Multiple A-List celebrities were present at the show, like Kendall Jenner, Chloe and Halle Bailey, Nia Long, and Rebel Wilson. All of the attendees had to follow a strict no-phone policy.

However, that didn’t stop the Beyhive from seeing the entire performance online, which was expected to happen. Beyoncé’s performance was part of the Atlantis Resort’s “Grand Reveal” weekend in celebration of the new Atlantis the Royal in Dubai. The Resort is set to open this February, and it’s sure to get loads of hype thanks in part to her stellar performance.

If you want to see the performance, there are plenty of clips scoured across the internet. I found this one that includes a piece of each song. What did you think of the performance? Was it worth all of the hype and exclusivity or do you find it over the top? Let us know!

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