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Bey-lieve the Hype, Behind Coachella 2018

Like most of you, I spent the weekend with my hand pressed against a rainy window and stared out the glass like a prisoner watching everyone else have fun. Okay slightly dramatic, I mean I watched Coachella on a live stream and scrolled Instagram furiously from my bedroom. Yet another year of Chella gone by and my invitation has once again gotten lost in the mail. Despite my glitter-covered flower-embroidered body not being physically in the desert this weekend, I gathered all the info we need to keep us in the loop.


coachella 2018 fashion

This year in festival fashion we’re going to be seeing lots of body chains and delicate necklaces. The pop will be coming from funky oversized earrings, with lots of rings and bracelets to match. It’s all about crop tops, two piece sets, and body suits this year. For men, colored aviators, bandanas, and even mesh tops have been a popular trend. Basically, study Bella Hadid and Younes Bendjima’s Instagrams vigorously and you’ll be just fine.

Just for laughs-

choachella 2018 receipt

The most star studded festival of the year doesn’t come cheap, and this Instagram user Nic Alvarez, a girl after our own heart, has a hobby of collecting ATM receipts from the event. This one she snagged had a measly 93K balance in checking. Just imagine how many $18 beers this guy can buy!


yodel-coachella 2018yodel-coachella-billboarddance

Of course there were the biggest acts in the world on the line up, but we have to talk about the MEME COME TRUE that is the yodel kid’s Coachella performance. From a Wal-Mart in Illinois, to The Ellen Show, to jamming in the desert all in a few days time. It’s the biggest come up I’ve ever witnessed and this pure little soul deserves it all. Apparently his dream of yodeling at the Grand Ole Opry is in the works as well. Ily Mason.

Parent’s Night Out-

Kylie Jenner at Coachella 2018

A highlighter pink Kylie Jenner finally made the couple Instagram official after posting this BTS shot of her and boyfriend Travis Scott. (Stormi not pictured) I mean usually the order is Insta post, then baby. But I guess things are unconventional when mom runs a billion dollar beauty empire and dad is one of the most in demand rappers in the business. The two seem to be sippin’ on his tour bus before he performed, and I literally can’t wrap my mind around the fact that they are someone’s parents. Nuts. She said it best, she’s “not a regular mom she’s a cool mom.”

History in the Making-


People tend to throw the word “iconic” around these days, but I truly have no other words. I included a link to the full performance because it really should be enjoyed and shared by as many people as possible. I’ve always been a huge Bey fan, but last night she ascended to levels I didn’t even know possible. Queen Bey quite literally made history as the first black woman to headline the festival; and delivered a full HBCU style band and back up dancers to celebrate that. Not to mention the Destiny’s Child reunion. The outfit changes. The dance routines. I’ll stop myself now before I begin a short novel, but take the time to witness truly one of the greatest performers of our generation at her absolute best.

Bey-lieve the Hype, Behind Coachella 2018
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Bey-lieve the Hype, Behind Coachella 2018
The fashion, the Performances and Queen Bey, another year of Coachella in the bag. Here is everything you missed if you didn't got to Coachella 2018.
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