Imagine you walk into a club with your best friends, a drink in your hand, listening to the people who carried the 2010s radio. The most popular to deep cut songs from One Direction, Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, 5 Seconds of Summer, Jonas Brothers, even some Olivia Rodrigo. It sounds like the perfect night out, but no one plays that kind of music at the club. If you don’t know any EDM or rap music, you probably won’t know a single song that’s played, and it’s just not as fun.

It doesn’t even sound like something that exists right? Let me tell you it is absolutely real, and I got to experience it. It was probably one of the best nights of my life. Best Night Ever party is the dance party of the 2010 era’s dreams. I screamed to “good 4 u” on the top of our lungs and before I knew it, it faded into “Misery Business” and I needed to take a break after it.

It was nice to be in an environment where our common interest was the music. It was such a wholesome environment and I felt like I knew everyone there just because of our connection. We talked about our outfits, where we’re from, our tattoos inspired by Harry Styles, the usual. I made new friends and I really connected with the ones I came with. It was like going to a concert without the stress of trying to get there as early as possible.

But they don’t only have 2010s nights – they have other themes like Britney vs. Gaga, High School Musical vs. Camp Rock. Whichever fandom you’re part of, you could probably find a theme that you’d enjoy.

Here are the rest of the tour dates if you’re interested!

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