Best Country Songs To Get Your Beach Day Started

Every genre is set apart based on certain hallmarks of the sound. Reggae is known for steel drums and heavy bass guitar. Jazz for instruments like the piano and saxophone. Country music is known for its unique twang, which is often disliked because of how different it is from other genres. If people love rock ‘n’ roll or rap, they’re most likely not going to be the biggest fans of country. I’ve noticed that country music has die-hard fans, along with extreme enemies. It seems like everyone who I know that hates country music absolutely despises it. Yet those who love the genre will defend it with their lives!

Whether you enjoy the genre or not, country music is a great way to start the day rolling at the beach! Being at the beach calls for upbeat tunes such as country music. Many country artists talk about drinking beers, being with good people, and enjoying life.

In my opinion, even if you don’t like country music, it’s still a good way to get yourself in the mood for an uplifting beach day! These are my go-to songs that I play when laying in the sand, taking in the beautiful views of the ocean, and watching families make great memories!

“Sunny and 75” by Joe Nichols

This song has an upbeat, feel good tempo that gives off amazing vibes. Nichols has been most known in the past for his 2005 song “Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off.” After facing backlash, he decided to create songs with more radio accepting lyrics. His newer songs are still entertaining and exciting, but now hold a more classy sound. Nichols is able to add more soul flare in songs throughout his album, Crickets.

“Sunny and 75,” allows listeners to feel the pleasure and joy that Nichols feels while singing this track. Sunny weather makes almost everyone happy, which is why this song is relatable to many. I love listening to this song at happy hour, whether I’m at the beach or by the pool!

“It’s a Great Day to Be Alive” by Travis Tritt

Throwing it back to 2000 for this one! Travis Tritt is a two-time Grammy award winner for his incredible music. He is known for his raw country sound that he carries out in all of his music. His main instruments that he uses is his vocals and guitar. Tritt doesn’t align with the pop country that is flooding the charts today. Rather, he keeps that country twang that the earlier artists developed.

This track is a great tune to boost one’s mood. Tritt sings about how the simplest activities makes him the most happy. He continues to sing about how the possibilities are endless in his day to day life! He can “go get (himself) a new tattoo” or “take (his) old Harley for a three-day cruise.” This song inspires its listeners to view any day as a great day when we are alive and well!

“American Kids” by Kenny Chesney

Kenny Chesney is a 54-year-old country singer and has one of the longest careers that I have seen in modern country rock. He has created and produced over twenty albums and has been on the top charts a plethora of times. Chesney started his career in ’88 and has continued to compose and produce countless hits today.

This track is all about the American southern-style of country music. It comprises of a rock beat while holding onto its country roots. Kenny Chesney made this song to both entertain and make the listeners feel good. The lyrics are funny yet catchy. When people think of southern, country music this song fits into that category easily.

“Too Much Fun” by Daryle Singletary

Daryle Singletary made music for about 24 years, but he kept his unique sound throughout the duration of his career. Sadly, he recently passed away in 2018. Daryle Singletary left an iconic legacy in the country music world. He never abandoned the sound that he had for decades. Singletary knew that he was a twangy country singer, and he was excited to share this with the music industry. Even when pop country became popularized, Singletary kept to his roots and proved that the raw southern sound can’t be beat!

This is a perfect beach song because the message is that you can never have too much fun! I couldn’t agree more! I love the excitement in Singletary’s voice as he follows the guitar and drums throughout. There’s a solo guitar riff towards the middle of the song which adds some liveliness. My favorite lyric in this track is, “Too much fun, what’s that mean? It’s like too much money, there’s no such thing.” Daryle Singletary is a entertaining, exuberant spirit, and he proved this throughout his career.

“Joe Bought a Bar” by Justin Adams

Justin Adams uses his charm in his vocals to captivate the audience during his tracks. He is a new country singer that is able to use pop influences in his Oklahoma country sound. Adams is still trying to make his mark in the country world. “Joe Bought a Bar” has definitely helped more people to know his name. When people listen to Justin Adams’s music, they don’t have to worry or think about anything! They’re able to just enjoy the country music and have fun with the lyrics and beats throughout.

Even though country music isn’t loved by everyone, you can’t compete with the genre’s vibrant beat and energetic tune. More listeners have boarded the country music train, which is perfect timing for summer! My advice to all music listeners is to never limit yourself to one genre. There are so many great artists no matter what category you search in! Maybe you haven’t found the right artists that fit your vibe. Don’t let that stop you from trying a new genre!

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