Beat The Winter Blues With This Playlist

It’s February, and now is the time of year that everyone starts to hit their seasonal blues. Every time I feel stuck in a season, I curate a playlist to capture the excitement and emotion of the upcoming season. Below is a list of some tunes that remind you of sunnier days, warmer weather and slow times to get you through the rest of the winter and into spring time.


The name is fairly self-explanatory, but the warm acoustic guitar in “Bloom” brings a feeling of healing and comfort to the soul. The Paper Kites seem to always capture the feeling of nostalgia and hope towards something new. “Bloom” feels like the stray streak of sunlight shining in through a window on a chilly day reminding you of the promise of springtime.


Unless you’re off the grid, you’ve definitely heard Miley’s newest hit “Flowers”. This absolute anthem of femininity and independence is a perfect song to get you through the winter and into the spring. The infectiously catchy melody will be stuck in your head for the rest of the winter. Read more about Miley’s latest news in one of our latest articles linked below.


Of course, no spring playlist could be complete without the classic Beatles tune “Here Comes the Sun”. The title pretty much says it all. They transfer you into a gaze of hope and joy with the classic tune with such beautiful imagery. I just imagine Abbey Road glowing with flowers blooming in the springtime.


A forever favorite of mine, “Both Sides Now” captures the sweetness of spring time. Maybe it’s the beautiful melody or Judy Collins light, angelic, yet glowing voice. Her voice reminds me of the radiance of love in the warmer blooming weather.


Last but not least, “Soak Up the Sun” by Sheryl Crow. How can one listen to this song without a smile on your face? The catchy rhythm and simple melody make it difficult not to sing along to the early 2000s tune.


Check out these tunes on our spotify page. Give us a follow for more playlists to come!


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