The “Barbie” Soundtrack Might Be as Buzzworthy as the Movie

Those looking forward to the upcoming Barbie film have a lot more to be excited about. On Friday, May 26th, Warner Brothers Studios announced the star-studded lineup of artists for the soundtrack. Some of the big names include Nicki Minaj, Ice Spice, Dua Lipa, Charli XCX, and Lizzo. For indie fans, artists Tame Impala, Dominic Fike, and Haim make an appearance. This lineup also came with the release of a trailer, containing snippets of Dua Lipa’s track “Dance the Night” and Nicki Minaj and Ice Spice’s upcoming collaboration of “Barbie Girl”.

Barbie Trailer

How Does the Dua Lipa Track Sound?

Upon release of this information came the release of Dua Lipa’s new song,“Dance The Night”. Arguably the biggest artist on the billing, this song is a gigantic release for the movie. This song takes inspiration from disco, in line with the sound of her second album Future Nostalgia. The lyrics are fun and encourage the listener to dance their problems away. While some complained of the similarity of this song to her last full-length release, this track works perfectly with the Barbie aesthetic promoted for the film. In addition, the trailer and music video hints at this song being played during a dance sequence in the film. Nothing makes me want to get up and dance more than a Dua Lipa song.

What can we expect from nicki minaj’s song?

If you stay to the end of the trailer, you might hear a snippet of Nicki Minaj’s upcoming rendition of “Barbie Girl”, featuring Ice Spice. The song samples the iconic “Barbie Girl” song by Aqua. Not much is known regarding the sound, but we were given some more information in the announcement. This sample, along with the collaboration are setting up for an iconic moment not only for the film, but pop culture itself.

The Barbie soundtrack is available at the official Barbie The Album website for preorder with the full album dropping July 21st. Dua Lipa’s “Dance The Night” is available now on all platforms.

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