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This weekend I have the pleasure of participating in one of Tampa’s most cherished events, The 9th annual Tampa Pig Jig. One of my favorite alternative bands, Dr. Dog is set to play and I couldn’t be happier. The Tampa Pig Jig is not just live music and a BBQ competition. It is a charity event that has raised over $4,000,000 in the past 8 years towards FSGS (Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis) and Nephrotic Syndrome.

The creators of the jig founded the event in honor of a friend who passed away from one of these debilitating kidney diseases. What better way to celebrate life and love than to throw a party every year to helps others relate and find comfort in their community. Of course, their lineup, like every year, outdoes itself and is bringing big name artists like Jake Owen and Lanco this year. However, I have decided to highlight Dr. Dog and their growth throughout the years.  

 When I first heard about Dr. Dog, the year was probably 2011 and their album Shame, Shame had just come out. I was listening to “Where did all the time go” on repeat and fell for their words and chords. They gave me a similar feeling I get with The Grateful Dead and Van Morrison. The feeling that everything doesn’t always have to be okay, but you can still listen to a great song when you aren’t feeling so okay.  

Mirror, Mirror is a song from the album I still take with me wherever I go. It is a song about letting your distress go while losing yourself a little. 

Fast Forward to February 2016 where they put out Psychedelic Swamp which was originally supposed to be their debut album in 2001. They had other plans in mind but the release of this album showed their true psychedelic rock side and I loved every second of it. It was The Zombies brought back to life with a little more drum.   

The year is now 2018 and Dr. Dog put out Critical Equation. An album that is an ode to the changes that come when people grow with each other throughout the years. This album is fresh and while it still has their country tones I enjoy it leaves a different taste in my mouth. A very nice and new taste that is making me just that more excited about how they will showcase this album live. The Pig Jig is the kickoff to their 2020 tour so it is going to be a very special event. I am stoked to show you guys the footage I get this weekend.  

Night is my favorite experimental melody on their newest project. To listen to Critical equation and a playlist I curated with my favorite Dr. Dog songs, check out my Spotify link below. 

To see more from Dr. Dog and to support a great cause, get your tickets to Tampa Pig Jig here!

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