ASP’s Debut Album Is Loud and Brash pop-Punk fun

Having already divulged my love for K-pop, reviewing the debut album by the new WACK idol group ASP, was a straight forward choice.

The band name, ASP, is an acronym for ANAL SEX PENiS, which is also the name of their debut album. With a name like that, it’s designed to attract attention. But I’m interested in seeing what substance lies behind the name. Is this band just out for attention, or is their music any good?

Described as an ‘anti-idol’ group, the band’s sound is deeply rooted in pop-punk, with enough big idol energy to keep songs moving along at a clip. One of the best songs from the album is ‘BE MY FRIEND’, which was also one of the leading singles from this record. The track runs at a breakneck speed while still having a hook catchy enough to stay in your head.

‘NOW or NEVER’ is the heaviest track on the album, turning up the distortion which wouldn’t be out of place in a good hard workout playlist. Some of the tracks through the middle of the album do tend to blur together. They start off slow before turning up the volume with danceable chorus lines, but stay breezy enough to be enjoyable.

‘A Song of Punk’ gets an honourable mention also, which has a more traditional idol style chorus and song structure while maintaining the pop-punk sensibility.

The first track of this album, ‘HAiKEi ROCKSTARSAMA’, is arguably the best. It perfectly encapsulates the sound of the band. The song is loud and fast, with enough of a beat to properly rave to while chanting out the chorus line. If you don’t listen to the rest of the album, you won’t go wrong listening to this track.

In short, ASP rise above their controversial name to produce an album that while repetitive at times, is loud and poppy enough to get you up and moving.

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