Artists of the Past You Should Include In Your Future Listening

It’s 2023 and I decided to reflect on the music I consumed all of last year. I really focused on “classic” music and experiencing some nostalgia of a time before me. This prompted me to listen to songs from artists that have been around forever, but I haven’t given enough attention to. If you’ve been considering giving some music of the past a chance, I’ve put together a compilation of some of my favorite throwback artists.


Number one of my list must be Stephen Bishop. On my spotify wrapped this man held 2 out of the 5 top songs. His beautiful and tender voice transports you into a soothing relaxed state. His music is great for a walk on the beach or a sad girl walk, whatever your prerogative is. 

If I had to name my top two songs from Stephen Bishop, I would probably pick “Careless” and my all-time favorite: “On and On”. “Careless” is a slower song about a relationship and having one partner fail the other and they fall apart. “On and On” is more upbeat about carrying on no matter what life throws at you. 


We all know and love “Doctor My Eyes” and its nostalgic feeling. Check out Jackson Brown’s discography including “Doctor My Eyes” and “Running on Empty”. 


As a lover of The Beatles, of course I’m drawn to Wings. Every time I hear a Wings song I’m transported back to my childhood. Paul McCartney’s duets on their albums are incredible including tunes with Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson. 

Some of my favorites to add to your playlist include “Live and Let Die”, “Silly Love Song”, and “My Love”. 


The Australian 70s band’s most famous song is “Reminiscing”, but it’s important to check out their other tunes such as “Cool Change”.

These days there is so much music out, it can be easy to get overwhelmed by the constantly evolving genres and new artists. Sometimes it’s most comforting to listen to songs from a time we never experienced, and never will. These songs provide us a small glimpse of what it must have been like to live back then, and it’s important we take advantage of it.

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