Artist Spotlight: Tinashe

This week’s artist spotlight will shine on Ms. Tinashe Kachingwe, known as Tinashe, in the entertainment world. Born in Lexington, Kentucky and raised in Los Angeles, the rising star initially began her career as an actress.

Before she went solo, Tinashe could be seen performing with a group of girls called The Stunners. Personally, I have been following Tinashe since then. This was back in 2007, and I loved every single song the girl group dropped. They were who you wanted to be in high school, talented, gorgeous, fun, and stylish. One famous name who has climbed her way to stardom from this group as well is, Haley Kyoko.

After touring with Justin Bieber on his My World Tour, the group unfortunately split. This was in 2011, and Tinashe began to grind. She bought her own equipment and began recording songs in her makeshift studio in her room. Still a loyal Tinashe fan, I listened to every mixtape she dropped. One thing I can personally admire about Tinashe, and that I feel connects us, is the fact that she is a water sign. She adds her own personal flair to her beats by producing beats with various water sounds. She is also an Aquarius and makes a point to incorporate her astrological identity into her music (which I think is really cool and unique).  

From 2012 to 2014, Tinashe released three mixtapes – In Case We Die, Reverie, and Black Water. Due to these being mixtapes and not professionally recorded albums, they, unfortunately, cannot be found on various music streaming apps. However, they are available through Youtube if you want to listen to her progression. 

It was the beginning of 2014 when Tinashe made her name known to the world. She signed with RCA Records in 2012 and used this platform to begin producing her first studio album. On January 13, 2014, Tinashe released her first single from her debut album, “2 On”. Produced by DJ Mustard and featuring Schoolboy Q, “2 On” made the US Billboard Hot 100 and peaked at #24. 

Referring back to her love for astrology, Tinashe’s debut album was titled, Aquarius. An amazing album, that CAN be listened to on Spotify. 

Going back to her roots, Tinashe recorded the mixtape, Amethyst (her birthstone) during her Christmas vacation (2015) in her famous bedroom studio. This mixtape includes 7 songs and was available on her website for free download at the time. 

Tinashe went on to release albums Nightride and Joyride through 2018. Spending her time touring, performing with Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry, and Maroon V, Tinashe continues to work to make her music and name known. Having built a loyal fanbase and following, Tinashe gives us Songs For You, released on November 21, 2019.



My ears are acquired to Tinashe’s sound, but I can confidently say that she has grown so much over the years. Although she is no longer signed with RCA, she ensures to stay true to her original sound, as well as providing us with music that continues to show us who she truly is. As she continues to develop, there’s no doubt that Tinashe will finish her career as one of the best female artists.

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