Artist Spotlight: Ron Gallo


Ron Gallo, a name you will become very familiar with in the near future, is from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Ron Gallo is a musician, an artist, but more importantly he is a human being. A human being who continues to push boundaries with his productions. Gallo’s unique sound is fresh and unpredictable. It ranges from garage rock to 80s pop-punk to everything between. Backed by some grimey blues guitar and funk heavy bass, smooth and crisp drums, and a voice that sounds like a mixture of Dan Auerbach and Jack White, Ron Gallo’s music packs enough punch and flavor for any open minded individual.

Gallo’s solo career set fire with the release of his debut album Heavy Meta back in February of 2017. The album displayed the uniqueness Gallo possesses with tracks like “Young Lady, You’re Scaring Me“, “Put the Kids to Bed” and “Black Market Eyes“. Heavy Meta helped Ron Gallo make that leap into the minds and playlists of many listeners as they, like myself, heard not only quality music but raw lyricism. Ron Gallo shows no signs of holding back while writing as he continues to pour strange and genuine lyrics into his music. But that is one of the main reasons I enjoy his music so much, not many artists have the nerve to sing about a topic such as “Why Do You Have Kids?“.


Like I said earlier, Gallo’s sound is unpredictable and we get a taste of that within his sophomore album Stardust Birthday PartyReleased about a month ago on New West RecordsStardust Birthday Party is still hot off the press and I believe Gallo has matched the level of Heavy Meta. A debut album as good as Heavy Meta is hard to follow up but Ron Gallo has done so with more diversity, flavor and a back hand worth of spunk. I will kindly encourage anyone and everyone to step out of their comfort zone to listen to some genuine kick ass music. Some of my favorites off of Stardust Birthday Party include “It’s All Gonna be OK“, “”You” Are The Problem” and “Do You Love Your Company?“. Ron Gallo is currently on tour and tickets can be purchased at if you have a chance to see Ron Gallo please do not pass up the opportunity.

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All Photos taken by CJ Harvey (IG: cjharvey2)

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