Artist Spotlight: Caroline Rose

If you haven’t heard of Caroline Rose, it’s high time you listen up. 

Caroline Rose is an artist with intent and direction; one you couldn’t look away from even if you tried. Of course, her bright red monochromatic outfits don’t make that any easier.

I’ve mentioned Rose in my writing before, highlighting her as a can’t miss artist from fest lineups this past summer. But now, it’s time to dive a little deeper.

In 2014, Rose debuted I Will Not Be Afraid, a record whose roots remain true to both the rockabilly and country genres. With the arrival of 2018’s LONER, there was a major growth in sound. LONER is an album in which Rose’s country influence is not only visible, but also somehow enriched by a grit from the likes of indie and punk music. The genres are a unique pairing, sure, but Rose is a unique individual.

Caroline has received much acclaim with LONER for tastefully using satire to touch on the pains of death, anxiety, and loneliness (to name just a few things). On a track called “Cry!” Rose even uses sarcasm to touch on misogyny and the stereotype of women being “too emotional.” Rose sings, ”Where are you climbing to girl/There’s nothing for you up there/Better come on back down to Earth, you silly thing/You’ll learn your place.”

As for her live shows, they’re just as dynamic as her lyrics. Rose was once quoted saying her shows are “both lighthearted and psychotic.” I could elaborate further, but it’s best to just leave you all with this photo from her Twitter (which is absolutely hilarious).

The singer/songwriter embarks on a small tour starting September 6, 2019, and hits Franklin, Tennessee’s highly anticipated Pilgrimage Music and Cultural Festival on September 22.

Trust me – you won’t want to miss her.

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