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Artist Spotlight: Babe Rainbow

With a sound straight out of the 1960’s and a wardrobe that’s stuck in the 70s, Babe Rainbow has become the modern face of Australian psychedelica.

I mean, just listen to this:

Doesn’t it make the sun on your face seem warmer, smiles seem friendlier, and the world appear through a gingham filter?

Their music is as laid back as their attitudes on life, a refreshing change from bands that consider themselves ‘artistes’ – these guys are here to just get into a groove and take you along for the ride.

Any of their three albums, The Babe Rainbow, Double Rainbow or Today will help keep the summer vibes going no matter the time of day.

Love Forever is another stand out track, which sounds like it could have come from Sunshine Superman or Odessey & Oracle without raising any eyebrows.

Just give them a listen, and watch your worries drift away on a summer’s breeze.

Babe Rainbow will be playing Porchland on the Range on November 23rd, tickets via Moshtix.

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Artist Spotlight: Babe Rainbow
Aussie psychedelic band Babe Rainbow bring the best bits from the 60s and the 70s into modern indie pop.
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Mic Drop Music
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