Are You Ready To Go HARD?

Are you ready ravers…? Because the long-awaited HARD Summer Music Festival is finally here! The newly revived, and not to mention the hottest festival of the year, begins this Friday, July 29th through Sunday, July 31st at the NOS event center in San Bernardino, CA. Still need to get your ticket? Buy single-day and three-day passes here!

Insomniac does an amazing job with every festival they host, and HARD Summer is no exception. Pasquale Rotella, the founder of Insomniac, has led this trailblazing music company to great success and continues to uphold its pristine reputation (*chefs kiss*).

Pasquale Rotella announcing the addition of a third day to HARD Fest on his personal Instagram account.

What Exactly Makes HARD Summer so… HARD?

HARD takes place in the middle of the summer in hot, arid, and dry Southern California. It is predicted to reach temperatures of 95 degrees and above all weekend, but trust, the heat will not take away from your festival experience. Especially if Insomniac is hosting.

You may catch yourself routinely wiping the sweat off your body and making countless trips to the water stations, all while dancing along with your favorite EDM and Hip-Hop artists – but that’s why it’s called HARD Summer, right? My favorite way to prepare for the festival weekend is to dive deep into the discographies of each artist I am looking forward to seeing. However, this process can be time-consuming, especially when there are over 100 artists performing this time around. Check out the lineup here.

Therefore, I have discovered six playlists for you (our lovely readers) to rotate all week. Six playlists because options are essential in the rotation. Also, not to be dismissed, but this list also includes playlists curated for each day, ready for your listening ears.

Let’S Dive Deep

Night Owl Radio 360 ft HARD Summer 2022 Mega-Mix:

Insomniac Music Group Offical HARD Summer Playlist:

HARDFest Official HARD Summer 2022 Playlist:

Brigid’s HARD Summer 2022 Day 1 Playlist:

Brigid’s HARD Summer 2022 Day 2 Playlist:

Brigid’s HARD Summer 2022 Day 3 Playlist:

The action begins from 4PM – 1AM Friday and Saturday, and 3PM – 12AM Sunday. Ravers, please remember to hydrate, take breaks when needed, and soak in the summertime magic that is HARD Summer. I have a feeling this is going to be the best HARD Summer thus far.

I will be listening along with you. Let’s boogie!

Click here to read my takeaways from last year and who I’m eagerly anticipating to see.

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