Are We Getting A New Playboi Carti Album?

So… did you hear that Playboi Carti has returned to Instagram? The rapper made a cryptic return to the photo sharing app, posting an image that naturally sent fans into a swirl of speculation. Does this mean he’s releasing new music?!

On Christmas Eve, he reactivated his Instagram account and posted an image of three audio files with the phrase “F1LGL”. What does this mean?

It could mean a variety of things. However, for Carti fans, it means that the Georgia rapper is preparing to drop a new album; who knows when?

More hints:

Carti had posted an image of what I assume could be his presumed new album cover. The model on the post is wearing an all-black fit, taking a possible bathroom selfie. The title of the album has yet to reveal itself. For now, we wait patiently to see what else may come up!

Fans of Carti know that it is not unusual for Carti to release a project at the jolliest time of the year. In Christmas of 2020, the 25-year-old rapper delivered his second full-length album, “A Whole Lotta Red.” The 24-track collection includes songs like “Vamp Anthem” and “Stop Breathing.” 

Unfortunately, a lot of people were not a fan of that album. However, Carti fans hope that he makes a come back with this new album, hyping people on Twitter. 

“Love all my supporters, it’s time”

-says the rapper on Christmas day, he had outlined his ambitions back in April with XXL for his forthcoming album and opened up about his personal life. Carti said he initially planned to name the project “Music.” He wanted to call the album “Music” because he felt that is where he is currently, just making music. 

The rapper also shared that the album inspired changes in his life and some of his vices. Ultimately, Carti hopes his next project brings “peace to the world.” What are your predictions for this next album?

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