April Showers Bring Lotus Flowers

Known for their annual September show, jam band Lotus took the stage early this year, with a sultry springtime performance at Red Rocks Amphitheater last Saturday.

Openers included the Magic Beans, a Colorado local, followed by Jade Cicada and Ghostland Observatory.

The last few times I’ve seen Lotus, they just couldn’t seem to find their groove. The sets felt all over the place, lacking both flow and communication. I was skeptical to say the least after two lack-luster sets at Holidaze this past December, but damn, did I eat my hesitations.

Lotus brought the funk from the second they came on the stage with a groovy “Middle Road” opener that brought tears to my eyes. When they’re on point, goosebumps are guaranteed.

The first song ended and for the first time in awhile their spirit and energy continued with “Livingston Storm.” They took it back with an old school “Aquamarine” that had our crew moving all the way down to 6th row at Red Rocks. For those of you who’ve never been to said glorious venue, a mid-show break for the last row before VIP is virtually unheard of, yet somehow we manage with supreme success.

Casey Russell, keys player for the Magic Beans, came back out to collab on the organ in a funky jam with the Lotus five.

The show ended with a lively “Wax,” just past the mark of midnight. While I didn’t get the “Gilded Age” that I’ll always hope for, nor the encore we all expected, I’ve never been happier to be proven wrong by one of my favorite jam bands.

April 27th was a night to remember on the rocks; big thanks to Lotus for the best set I’ve seen them put on!

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